I’m going to be reviewing London streets which have a great selection of eateries plus food markets and today it’s Exmouth Market, London EC1.  This is a pedestrianised area with a village vibe tucked away behind Farringdon Road.  There’s a great selection of permanent restaurants along the street and also food stalls during the week from 12-3pm – which you’ll find at the end of the strip.  Certainly worth a visit if you’re a London tourist and want to try some award winning and independent restaurants.

 The closest stations are Farringdon and Angel.  I travelled via Angel, exit left out of the station, down St John Street, cross over the road, right in to Roseberry Avenue, past Saddlers Wells and cross over to the opposite side of the road, left in to Garnault Place and you’ll see Cottons restaurant ahead.  In terms of the permanent eateries, I’m going to tell you about a selection so you have a good idea of what’s on offer.  On your left as you walk down Exmouth Market

Cottons, Homegirl London

Caribbean food
Cottons, 70 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QP

Sweet Desserts, Homegirl London

Boulangerie and Patisserie
Sweet Desserts, 64 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QP

Hummus Bros, Homegirl London

Hummus, falafel, pitta bread
Hummus Bros, 62 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Nécco, Homegirl London

Japanese coffee bar
Nécco, 52-54 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Pride of Siam, Homegirl London

Thai food
Pride of Siam, 50 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Medcalf, Homegirl London

British meat dishes
Medcalf, 40 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Moro, Homegirl London

Moorish cuisine
Moro, 34-36 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Morito, Homegirl London

Tapas and mezze bar
Morito, 32 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

Cinnamon Tree, Homegirl London

Indian Tandoori
Cinnamon Tree, 14 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE

You’ll then reach the street food market where you’ll find a range of food; Jewish, Spanish, Moroccan, Indian and British

Exmouth Market Street Food Stalls, Homegirl London

Selection of street food menus

On to the other side of the road and you’ll find more permanent eateries

Caravan, Homegirl London

Great coffee and world cuisine
Caravan, 11-13 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QD

Sade, Homegirl London

Mediterranean food
Sade, 21 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QD

Exmouth Arms, Homegirl London

Up market pub food
Exmouth Arms, 23 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL

Brill, Homegirl London

Bagels, coffee and music
Brill, 27 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL

Gails Bakery, Homegirl London

Artisan bakery
Gail’s Bakery, 33-35 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL

Vietnamese Café, Homegirl London

Vietnamese baguettes and Pho
Vietnamese Café, 49 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL

The Potato Merchant, Homegirl London

Potato dish specialist plus lots of meaty eats
The Potato Merchant, 55 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL

Santore, Homegirl London

Authentic Neapolitan food
Santore, 59-61 Exmouth market, London EC1R 4QL

I hope you enjoyed the tour and found something fabulous to munch on.  I’ve eaten at quite a few places here so I can vouch for; Sweet Desserts, Hummus Bros, Pride of Siam, Moro, Brill and Gail’s Bakery.  Credits: text and images by Homegirl London.

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