Give your room an industrial interior décor illusion with these cool Trompe L’Oeil wall coverings.  Take a look at the decorative hangings by designer Deborah Bowness, her utility range includes Utility Drawers Wallpaper (featured below), chairs, lamps and tiles – £185 from Deborah Bowness.  Also check out the Vintage Drawers Wallpaper – £40-70 from Decor Wallpaper, a new brand from Digetex.   I just love New York and the Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper remarkably resembles the vintage painted tiles found in the factories, warehouses, shops and eateries.  The aged look print comes in 8 colour ways – £219 from Rockett St George.  For something a little rawer try the stunning metallic Corrugated Tin Panel Wallpaper – £40-70 from Decor Wallpaper a new brand from Digetex.  The Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon looks so real, it’s amazing – £199 from Rockett St George.  Credits: text by Homegirl London, images courtesy of Digetex Home, Deborah Bowness and Rockett St George.

 Utility Drawers Wallpaper, Deborah Bowness

Utility Drawers Wallpaper
Deborah Bowness Link

Vintage Drawers Wallpaper, Digetex Home

Vintage Drawers Wallpaper
Decor Wallpaper Link

Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper, Rockett St George

Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper
Rockett St George Link

Corrugated Tin Panel wallpaper, Digetex Home

Corrugated Tin Panel wallpaper
Decor Wallpaper Link

Concrete Wallpaper , Rockett St George

Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon
Rockett St George Link