mango wood storage furniture

Adorable Mango Wood Storage Furniture

Homegirl London finds the Emmeline mango wood storage furniture range. I’m just loving this collection which comprises of three chests of drawers, a bedside cabinet, media unit and lovely ladder desk. The pieces are very versatile and can be placed in different rooms depending on where they would be most useful. With an eclectic mix of drawers, assorted knobs and pretty patterns in cool colours, this mango wood storage furniture is so adorable.

mango wood storage furniture bedside table

Bedside Table from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Mango Wood Storage Furniture Chests

There are three chests of drawers in the range so you have an ample choice. These are also very versatile because they would look equally at home in the bedroom, living room, home office or perhaps the dining room. I’ll start with the Large Chest which houses a medley of twelve drawers plus two sliding trays. The mango wood is decorated with bright turquoise against black and white woodblock prints. With an assortment of knobs and handles, it’s an interesting chest. The measurements are 80cm high, 115cm wide and 36cm in depth – £695. Product code: BHM2932.

mango wood storage furniture large chest

Large Chest of Drawers from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

On a smaller scale is the Medium Chest with six drawers and three sliding trays. It still has that amazing vintage styling but won’t take up as much space. This piece is ideal for a guest bedroom or perhaps the hallway. The measurements are 65cm high, 80cm wide and 35cm in depth – £495. Product code: BGQ2047.

mango wood storage furniture medium chest

Medium Chest of Drawers from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

The other option is this Stackable Drawer Unit. It gives you the freedom to build up your storage depending on how many drawers you require. Each unit has two drawers and you can stack them on top of each other.  Up to three units are advised unless you fix to the wall. Or you can use them as single units for bedside tables if you wanted. The measurements for the two drawer stack is 52cm high, 75cm wide and 35cm in depth – £295. Product code: BTM3790.

mango wood storage furniture stackable drawers

Stackable Drawer Unit from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

If want to coordinate your bedroom furniture you can combine the chest of drawers with a set of bedside tables (the first picture in this article). I love the way that the three drawers give the illusion of being haphazardly stacked. You also get a nice lift off the floor with those cute feet. You can also use these as a lamp table placed next to your sofa. The measurements are 54cm high, 58cm wide and 35cm in depth – £315. Product code: BBV3598.

Additional Mango Wood Storage Furniture

Within this range, you can also buy a Media Cabinet. These give you space on top to display your TV. The two open shelves are ideal for your DVD player or games console. You also get four drawers to house your DVDs and any other items you wish to keep tidy. The measurements are 42cm high, 160cm wide and 35cm in depth – £495. Product code: BCR4403.

mango wood storage furniture media unit

Media Cabinet from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Ladder Desk is perfect for a bedroom study set up. Or perhaps you have a spacious entrance hall which can accommodate such a piece of furniture. You get a handy desk with two drawers underneath. Above you get four cubby holes and a shelf. This is perfect for those who need to do occasional work at home and don’t want a full desk taking up precious space. The measurements are 190cm high, 85cm wide and 48cm in depth – £650. Product code: BPA8150.

mango wood storage furniture ladder desk

Ladder Desk from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Buy Mango Wood Storage Furniture

You can buy all these storage furniture pieces online at Graham & Green Affiliate Link. They sell an eclectic mix of furniture, home accessories, decorative objects and lighting.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Graham & Green. Thanks: Kate Vincent.  Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partner link – Graham & Green (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).