house shaped home accessories,

House Shaped Home Accessories

Homegirl London finds house-shaped home accessories. If you’re looking for new home gifts or a treat for your own home, these house-shaped home accessories are just adorable. I’ve picked out my favourite house-shaped shelves, pen pot holders, terrariums and plant cages. What better way to make your house into a home with these cute accessories?

house shaped home accessories, pen pot holders

Wooden Storage House Block Design at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Small Storage House Shaped Home Accessories

Adorable Wooden Storage House pen pot holders come desk tidy are in a selection of colours; red, orange, yellow, dark blue, light blue and white. A great way to brighten up your office desk. These are made by Block Design using a combination of wood and steel for the roof. Just remove the lid roof and place your pens or other objects inside. The minimalist Scandinavian approach is very stylish. There are three sizes available so you can group a selection together in different heights and colours. Current price £12.50-16.50. Buy from Block Design at Product code: 512504.

house shaped home accessories, white desk tidy

Wooden Storage House Block Design at (Picture Affiliate Link)

The Studio Shelf is so adorable. Just place it by your bed so you have somewhere within reach to locate your alarm clock or glass of water. The design is house-shaped so you can rest a book on the roof which is a novel idea. The shelf is made from plywood by Ferm Living designed by Trine Anderson. There are a few options available in terms of colours; blue, mint, white, grey or rose. Sizes range from 30x30cm, 30x25cm and 30x40cm. Prices start at £70 and go up to £92. Buy from Nordic Nest UK.

house shaped home accessories, studio shelf

Studio Shelf from Nordic Nest UK

This delightful Dorm Shelf can be wall-mounted or situated on the top of a table or counter. It’s ideal for your home office, hallway, bedroom or living room. Brilliant little unit for displaying your sentimental and precious objects so you can admire them all in one place. It’s certainly a cute shelf which can be enjoyed by adults or children. Made from plywood by Ferm Living and designed by Trine Anderson. Measurements are 74cm high, 49cm wide and 4cm in depth. Current price is £82. Buy from Nordic Nest UK.

house shaped home accessories, dorm shelf

Dorm Shelf from Nordic Nest UK

This Gesso Dolls House Shelf is great for a child’s bedroom. Styled as a dolls house, it gives your kid a dreamy display unit for their treasured items. It comes in a soft white colour with a distressed finish for a vintage appearance. With different sized compartments and the staircase, it’s really lovely. Place it by the bed, on a tabletop or fix it to the wall. Measurements are 61cm high, 40cm wide and 5cm in depth. The current price is £65. Buy from Cox and Cox. Produce code: C-GHOUSEWHT.

house shaped home accessories, gesso dolls house

Gesso Dolls House Shelf from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

Wooden Magazine Holder by Ferm Living in quality smoked oak veneer. A simple shape that reminds you of home. Suitable for keeping magazines and home office paperwork neat and orderly. Can also be used in other rooms where you need a small storage box. Measurements are 23cm high and 15cm in width. Current price is £33. Buy from Nordic Nest UK.

house shaped home accessories, magazine holder

Wooden Magazine Holder from Nordic Nest UK

Handy Metal House Shaped Magazine Rack made from chrome steel. This can be used for a variety of storage purposes from magazines to letters and random papers. It’s ideal for the hallway, office or kitchen. It has a built-in handle in the top so you can move the rack from one room to another. Measurements are 35cm high, 33.5cm wide and 15.5cm in depth. Current price £19.95. Buy from The Little Boys Room at Product code: 220873.

house shaped home accessories, metal letter rack

Metal House Shaped Magazine Rack from The Little Boys Room at (Picture Affiliate Link)

Plant Holder House Shaped Home Accessories

Treat your indoor plants to one of these Terrarium Greenhouses which are made from metal and glass. These are ideal for displaying succulents and small plants. Available in the small size which measures 22cm high, 18cm wide and 29cm in depth. Current price is £45. Product code: PWB5277. The larger measures 28.5cm high, 21cm wide and 26cm in depth. Current price is £65. Product code: PGE2002. Buy from Graham & Green.

house shaped home accessories, terrarium greenhouses

Terrarium Greenhouses from Graham & Green (Picture Affiliate Link)

Lovely Glass House Display Box which can be used for small plants like succulents. Made from glass with fine metal trim in the shape of a little house with a hinged door and latch. You get a hook on the top if you want to hang this box up. It can be used as a terrarium or for keepsakes although it is not recommended for candles. Measurements 22cm high, 23.5cm wide and 16cm in depth. The current price is £17.50. Buy from Cox and Cox. Product code: H-HSEDISP.

house shaped home accessories, glass house display box

Glass House Display Box from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

Instead of a terrarium, you can opt for these House Shaped Plant Cages. Ideal for creating an in-house nursery for your conservatory. You actually get three different sized cages that are made from iron with a rustic finish for a vintage feel. The cages are lightweight with a removable wire house-shaped top. Just lift off the roof to tend to your potted plants. The small measures 39cm high, 39cm wide and 17cm in depth. Medium is 49cm high, 47cm wide, 26cm in depth. Large is 56cm high, 52cm wide and 32cm in depth. Current price is £60 for the set of three. Buy from Cox and Cox. Product code: H-3HOUSECAGE.

house shaped home accessories, plant cages

House Shaped Plant Cages from Cox and Cox (Picture Affiliate Link)

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