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Omoide Shokuji Bermondsey Street Grab and Go Lunch

Grab and Go Lunch: Omoide Shokuji Bermondsey Street. Homeboy and I were happy to see a new Japanese eatery opening around the corner from our apartment. We popped in yesterday to sample the offering and were pleased that we did! Angelo Sato showcases freshly made Chirashi Sushi Bowls and Dashi. If you’re looking for healthy takeaway lunch on Bermondsey Street or food to go near London Bridge, grab yourself lunch at Omoide Shokuji Bermondsey Street.

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Our Chirashi Bowls

What we Ate at Omoide Shokuji Bermondsey Street

Homegirl Tried: I choose the Gift From The Garden Chirashi Bowl. This comprised of five-grain sushi mixed with miso aubergines, yuzu avocado, salad, charred broccoli, edamame, pickles and crispy shallot. I omitted the tofu and had mushrooms instead. £6.95 for the standard size.

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Gift From The Garden Chirashi Bowl

Homeboy Tried: Homeboy tucked into the Yuzu Salmon Chirashi Bowl. This contained yuzu ponzu salmon, sushi rice, yuzu avocado, cured cucumber, sushi ginger, goma wakame, pickles and crispy shallots. The other two Chirashi Bowl options were The Humble Chicken with den dashi chicken and Pride Of A Nation with tuna wasabi shoyu. £7.50 for the standard size.

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Yuzu Salmon Chirashi Bowl

Our Verdict: Wow, big thumbs up! The Chirashi Bowls are super tasty and very filling. These are made using fresh, premium ingredients which results in a colourful presentation. Great value for money.

Also on the Menu at Omoide Shokuji Bermondsey Street

Also on the Menu: You also have the option to make up your bowl by picking a base (sushi rice, the five-grain sushi mix or salad mix). Add protein (tuna wasabi shoyu, salmon yuzu ponzu, umami chicken or miso aubergines). Dress it with a tasty sauce (goma dressing, shichimi mayo, etc.). Pimp it up with other ingredients (sushi ginger, radish, cured cucumber, kimchi, etc.). Or you can try Dashi with udon noodles – Miso Dashi with tofu, Shiitake Dashi with chicken nanban or Tonjiru Dashi with pork belly.

Prices: Standard bowls are £6.95-7.50, large bowls cost £8.95-9.50, the price of creating your own bowl depends on how wild you go. Standard Dashi is £2.20-3.40 and large is £5.50-6.50.

Omoide Shokuji Bermondsey Street Information

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Omoide Shokuji Exterior

For more information, go to the Omoide Website. The address is 126 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3TX. The nearest station is London Bridge. You can pop in and pick up your food to go. There isn’t anywhere to sit inside to head to Tanner Park opposite. They also deliver to offices and homes via Deliveroo. Enjoy!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy for eating with me.