Homegirl London finds very versatile vintage style storage units. If you love vintage furniture and want some handy apothecary drawers, wooden storage units, cubby hole cabinets and metal cabinets then you’ll love this selection. I’ve collated a collection of stunning vintage style storage units which are so useful they can be placed in any room in your home. Whether you want a deep three drawer chest or a slim dresser with numerous compartments, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings to organise and categorise your belongings!

vintage style storage units, four drawer metal and wood chest

Four Drawer Unit

Drawer Vintage Style Storage Units

This Mango and Black Drawer Unit comes in two size options with eight or four drawers. Made from a combination of beautiful mango wood and striking black metal, the rawness of this cabinet gives it an industrial edge. With space for labels on each drawer and a pull handle, you can organise all your clutter easily enough. These are very useful for most rooms in the home from your bedroom, the kitchen to your office or perhaps the bathroom. The four legs lift this piece off the ground which makes it easy to clean underneath. The measurements for the eight drawer unit is 105cm high, 55cm wide and 30cm in depth. The drawers are 29cm by 25cm. The four drawer is 128cm high, 30cm wide and 30cm in depth with the same drawer size – £295 or £425 from Rose and Grey.

vintage style storage units, eight drawer metal and wood chest

Eight Drawer Unit

This sizeable Industrial Storage Dresser has been constructed from a metal frame and wooden top surface. With fifteen compartments you can store a wide range of items and you can even name each compartment. It is such an exceptional storage item which is perfect for any room in your home. Use it in the kitchen for housing cutlery, tea towels or spices. In the bedroom it can be a place to keep your hosiery and lingerie in order. For your study, you can keep all your stationery neat and tidy. The narrow depth means that this piece is also suitable for hallways. The measurements are 99cm high, 92cm wide and 32cm in depth. Drawers are 13cm high, 29cm in length and 24cm in depth – £350 from Urban Outfitters (UK).

vintage style storage units, fifteen compartment dresser

Fifteen Compartment Dresser

For a more substantial statement unit you might prefer this stand-a-lone Industrial Apothecary Chest. It has eighteen drawers which all have a metal pull handle and name plate holder. Set inside a metal frame, the rustic mango wooden drawers are beautifully encased. With the elevated feet, this chest has grace and bags of style. It’s totally versatile and would be stunning wherever you decide to place it. The measurements are 137cm high, 103.5cm wide and 41cm in depth – £815 from Rose and Grey.

vintage style storage units, eighteen drawer mango wood

Eighteen Drawer Apothecary Chest

For standard Drawers rather than compartments, try this Metal Topped Chest. Its designed to look like an architect’s plan cabinet with brass cup handles and label holders. It appears to have six drawers but there are actually three in total which are quite spacious. Use it for bedroom, kitchen or dining room storage. The galvanised metal top has been distressed for an authentic vintage appearance. The wood is untreated fir. The measurements are 91cm high, 110cm wide and 45cm deep. Those roomy drawers are 20cm high and 36cm deep – £55 from Cox and Cox.

vintage style storage units, three drawers

Three Drawer Metal Topped Chest

Cubby Hole Vintage Style Storage Units

Cubby Hole storage is always a popular choice thanks to the easy access. The other plus point is that these are very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. This Tall Wooden Box Unit has ten open cubby holes with name plates in brass. It can be hung on a wall (you get some hooks on the back) or used as a standing shelf on a work top or the floor. It is handy for the utility room or perhaps your potting shed but would look equally adorable in a rustic kitchen setting. The measurements are 95cm high, 46cm wide and 19.5cm in depth – £125 from Cox and Cox.

vintage style storage units, ten cubby hole wood

Ten Cubby Hole Unit

In a similar style is this Wooden Box Unit with Hooks. It has six compartments which are ideal for separating letters. The vintage style hooks are perfect for keeping your keys in one place. Made from Spruce wood, it has a lovely rustic charm. It comes with hooks for hanging so is all very easy. The measurements are 50cm high, 70cm wide and 20cm in depth. The compartments are 18cm high, 20cm in width and 15cm in depth – £125 from Cox and Cox.

vintage style storage units, six cubby holes with hooks

Six Cubby Hole Unit with Hooks

Where to Buy Vintage Style Storage Units

If you’re looking to organise your life and just have to buy one of these units, you can purchase from the following on line retailers.

Rose and Grey: Rose and Grey Link
Urban Outfitters (UK): Urban Outfitters Link (UK)
Cox and Cox: Cox and Cox Link

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Very Versatile Vintage Style Storage Units