Trends: My interior design blog reports on interior design trends I’ve spotted emerging in London or online which could include anything from furniture to home accessories, wallpaper, paint colours and home decor ideas

fern pattern, interior design trend

Fern Pattern Interior Design Trend

If you fancy bringing a touch of urban botanicals into your home, go for a fabulous fern pattern. These fascinating green plants are adorning everything from wall art prints to hessian cushions, ceramic pendant...
pointing hand home accessories trend

Pointing Hand Home Accessories Trend

Homegirl London spots the pointing hand home accessories trend. Vintage pointing fingers are everywhere you look. Perhaps you noticed the giant pointing finger on The Shed which is a red wooden built structure ...
cloud design home accessories trend

Cloud design home accessories trend

Homegirl London spots the cloud design home accessories craze. This home decor trend seems to be soaring sky high. We might all be heading up to the cloud with our computer files but that’s not where it ends. C...