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Hello and welcome to my London Blog. If you’re looking for London Blogs, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a full-time blogger and thank my lucky stars every day for being fortunate enough to live in such an amazing city. There are so many interesting things to do in London, so many wonderful things to see, plenty of great restaurants to eat at and super cool shops to visit. If you love London as much as I do, you’ll enjoy reading my London Blog.

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What I Feature In My London Blog

I write about many subjects in my blog. It is called Homegirl London because my content is about homes, interiors and the city of London. You might be interested in the following sections.

Shops: Within this section, I write about independent London shops that cover everything from furniture to home accessories and gifts. These include antiques, contemporary, shabby chic and retro goods. Click here to read about London shops.

Eats: I dine out regularly and write about all my best experiences. These range from expensive fine dining to cheap and cheerful cafes, food halls, food markets, and street food. I cover every type of cuisine and different mealtimes from breakfast through to dinner. My main focus is on vegetarian and vegan food.  Click here to read about London restaurants.

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Visits: If you’re searching for interesting things to do in London read my Visits section. I cover walks, parks, museums, art galleries, and tourist attractions. I also write guides to cool London neighbourhoods. Click here to read about London places to visit.

Images: To see pictures of London from street art to architecture view my Images section. I’m not a professional photographer, but I do love to take pictures of the city. Click here to see my London images.

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If you want to see photographs of London architecture, tourist attractions, neighbourhoods, street art, restaurants and more then please visit my social media channels. I have a number of London photographs on Pinterest and Instagram. I hope you enjoy exploring London with me!