Advertising Policy

This information is current as of 27 December 2020.

Sponsored Posts

I write Sponsored Posts (Advertorials, Paid Articles) in my blog. I only undertake Sponsored Posts for brands, products, services I like and those I feel are a good fit for my blog.

Sponsored Posts may be deemed a form of Advertising because there is an element of ‘control’ by the client. For this reason, I call these articles Sponsored Posts and label as Adverts to ensure the reader is aware that payment (money or product) has been received.

In most cases, the client will provide bullet points of information to include in the post and confirm the link they wish to add. I often recommend story ideas and select the products I want to include in the article.

To make sure the reader is fully aware of the Sponsored Posts, they highlighted as an Advert (category) at the top of the page over the featured image. The post has Sponsored Post and Advert tags.  The credits at the end of the article will say This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.

Sponsored Links

I also include Sponsored Links in my blog. The client pays for a sentence or paragraph with a link which appears in an article. The client has no editorial control over the topic or story.

To be clear to the reader that payment has taken place, it will say Sponsored Link in brackets after the link. The article will be labelled as an Advert (category) at the top of the page over the featured image. The post will have Sponsored Link and Advert tags. The credits at the end of the article will highlight that the post contains a Sponsored Link.

Affiliate Links

Some Sponsored Posts and Sponsored Links may include Affiliate Links.

Advertising Banners 

At present, I do not include advertising banners in my blog. I may include a Sponsored Post, which will be highlighted.

Free Meals

My Eats section includes reviews of meals and take-away food from London restaurants. If I receive a free meal, the article will be marked as an Advert. It will include an Advert tag. At the end of the article, it will say something like ‘Disclosure: Our meal was free, which is why this article has been labelled as an Advert.’