How I Became A London Lifestyle Blogger

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This is my story about how I became a London Lifestyle Blogger. I started my London Lifestyle Blog back in April 2012. I wasn’t intending to become a London Lifestyle Blogger, it just happened. I was taking a career break from PR, an industry I’d been working in for over 20 years. In this time, I owned a PR company for 11 years promoting consumer and beauty products. I felt a yearning to do something else, but I had no clue what that would be … until I had an epiphany which took me on a journey to become blogger writing about London …

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My London Lifestyle Blogger Epiphany

I was out exploring London one day when a bolt of lightning struck me. Okay, it wasn’t an actual bolt of lightning, but something did make me stop in my tracks. I told myself to start a blog about London and call it Homegirl London. I checked my mobile phone to see if the name Homegirl London was available, which it was, so it seemed to be my destiny.

Luckily for me my partner was training to become a web designer which was perfect timing. I’m a believer of learning on the job, not over thinking and getting things done. So, within a week the blog was up and running. I was only intending to write a few articles a month, but it just snowballed. Before I had time to catch my breath, I was a full-time blogger.

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Learning London Lifestyle Blogger Skills

Much of my PR experience stood me in good stead for blogging such as writing and organisation. However, I did have to learn a new set of skills including using a camera, editing pictures, uploading content and being active on social media. It was a big influx of information which took me out of my comfort zone, but it was just what I needed.

After deciding that I would be a full-time blogger, I didn’t make any firm plans, I just wanted to see where this new path would take me. I now provide SEO Copywriting for websites. If you’re thinking about a career change whether that’s blogging or something else, just go for it!