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Welcome To My London Travel Blog

My London Travel Blog covers a wide range of content for Londoners and visitors looking for interesting things to do in this amazing city. I write about restaurants, shops and places to visit. If you want to explore London you’ll find some interesting and original content to read in my London Travel Blog.

london travel blog, regents canal walk

Regent’s Canal Walk

What My London Travel Blog Covers

If you live in London or you are visiting the city, you might want to find out about the best places to visit, where to eat and which shops to seek out. Three of the Homegirl London blog sections I would recommend reading are Visits, Eats and Shops. You should also take a look at the Images gallery if you have time.

Visits: The Visits section covers a range of things to do in London, many of which are free. I love walking and exploring the city by foot so I include these routes in the blog. From Regent’s Canal to the River Lea and Tottenham Marshes, you’ll discover new places in London to explore. I also write about London parks and interesting attractions like a tour around Highgate Cemetery. View the Visits section here.

london travel blog, river lea walk

River Lea Walk

Eats: This section features all my favourite places to eat in London. You can find out about the best meze places, where to enjoy Dim Sum and where to eat a superb sourdough pizza. From breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, my reviews tell you about the menu, the interiors and all the information you need to make up your own mind whether to book a reservation. View the Eats section here.

Shops: My blog also covers London shops which are mainly interior, furniture, home accessory and gift focused. I like to review independent stores where possible and show pictures of the interiors, products and exterior. View the Shops section here.

Images: This section is a gallery showcasing my photographs which include pictures of street art, architecture and more. View the Images section here.

Tags: If you want to explore certain areas in London you can find tags at the bottom of each post (article). I often add the area and postcode so if you click on a particular tag it will show you what else is in the vicinity.

London Travel Blog Social Media

I will often show additional pictures of places I have explored, restaurants I’ve eaten at and shops I have browsed on social media. My Pinterest Boards showcase photographs of things to do in my favourite London neighbourhoods. I hope you find something amazing to do in the city.