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Homegirl London is a Lovely London Lifestyle Blog

My London Lifestyle Blog is called Homegirl London because it covers my two loves, which are … yes, you’ve guessed it … Interiors and London. My London Lifestyle Blog features positive content covering city walks and places to visit in the capital, restaurants, shops, interior design trends, home interiors, designer makers plus more so come and explore. Homegirl London aims to help you feel more at home in London.

PLEASE NOTE: The above copy refers to what I used to do but as the Coronavirus situation is affecting our lives, I will now be writing about this subject instead. I'll keep my homepage as it was for now but the new content will be Coronavirus focussed. I've added a new section called Virus. As you know, I love going out in London but please stay in, hunker down and be kind to each other. Listen to the advice being given to keep your family, friends and community safe.

Helpful London Lifestyle Blog City Guides

Join me as I explore London from the tourist hot spots to the urban hangouts and tranquil villages in my Visits section. Whether you live in the city or you’re on holiday, I hope you’ll be inspired to discover more. I write about the best things to do in different neighbourhoods and provide you with helpful area guides. Find out which galleries, historic houses, pretty parks and city walking routes are worth investigating.

PLEASE NOTE: The above copy refers to what I used to write about. Due to Coronavirus, I won't be out and about writing about places to visit in London. If you are missing going out you can read the London guides and compile a list of places to explore when we are free of the Coronavirus.

Delicious London Lifestyle Blog Food Reviews

Join me on a culinary tour of the best London restaurants this amazing city has to offer in my Eats section. From breakfast to brunch, dinner and lunch I’ll be munching delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes at premium and budget eateries. This includes fluffy bao buns to steaming bowls of ramen and plenty of pancakes! With extra helpings of food hall and food market reviews, you’ll find something to satisfy your foodie cravings.

PLEASE NOTE: The above copy refers to what I used to write about. Due to Coronavirus the restaurants, bars and coffee shops are closed so I won't be writing about those in my blog for a while. Some restaurants are offering takeaway meals so you can always show your support by having food delivered. Please stay at home and cook food from your provisions.

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I love walking around London taking pictures of amazing architecture, stunning street art and anything which captures my attention. My Insta feed is dedicated to London content and pictures taken by me only. If you want to get a colourful, close up and current view of London, follow Homegirl London on Instagram. You can also click on the Images page on my blog which displays my Insta feed, enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: The above copy refers to what I used to do. I won't be out and about taking pictures of London as I'm in my apartment staying safe, I hope you are doing the same.