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Adorable Vintage Apothecary Storage Cabinets

Vintage Apothecary Storage Cabinets look adorable. Whether you are buying a vintage-style cabinet or an original apothecary chest, you will be thrilled. Place them in the bathroom so you have plenty of room for your lotions and potions. Stand one in your home office or craft room to keep all your clutter at bay. Put it in the bedroom for lingerie and hosiery. Before modern pharmacies, apothecaries dispensed medicines and herbal remedies. I’ve picked out my favourite Vintage Apothecary Storage Cabinets, including a mix of replicas and originals. I hope you find one that’s right for your home.

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My Favourite Vintage Storage Cabinets

Feature Image: Handmade Apothecary Cabinet includes multiple drawers, cupboards and pull-out surfaces (search product code: 949949), £495 from Cambrewood at

Main Mood Board Image: Haberdashery Storage Cabinet has 20 small drawers, two drawers, and two pull-out tray surfaces, £525 from Rockett StGeorge

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Traditional Apothecary Style Drawer Cabinet with mini and larger drawers and cupboards, £550 from Rockett StGeorge

Apothecary Chest with 36 numbered drawers (search product code: OWAPC-16), £1137 from Smithers of Stamford

Antique French Apothecary Drawers with 72 label fronted drawers (search product code:96211822), £1545 from Vinterior

Apothecary Locker Cabinet with 15 glass lockers (search product code: OW-AP16), £1584 from Smithers of Stamford

Handmade Reclaimed Wooden Apothecary Cabinet with 24 small drawers and one larger drawer at the base (search product code: 924470), £295 from Cambrewood at

Antique Victorian Apothecary Chest of Drawers with 54 drawers (search product code: 13449542), £5144.85 from Vinterior

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