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Amazing Artfinder Online Art Marketplace Review

Online Shop Review: Artfinder. This is the website for you if you’re looking for that perfect piece of art for your abode. Browse the world’s biggest art marketplace from the comfort of your designer armchair. Whether you want an original painting, limited edition print, stunning sculpture or the perfect photograph, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I’ve picked out my six favourite pieces to start your introduction to Artfinder.

amazing artfinder online art marketplace review, shine amber geometric liam roberts

Shine Amber Geometric Linocut Print by Liam Roberts, £25

My Favourite Pieces of Art from Artfinder

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My Favourite Pieces of Art

SateILight Series IV by Fintan Whelan: Stunning abstract visual featuring blue hues created using fine Kremer pigments and oil paper which is signed and framed, £261.15.

Hold On To Me by Grégoire Devin: Original one-of-a-kind clay sculpture decorated using acrylic paint, oil pastel and gold leaves in the shape of an abstract face, £1856.55.

Monolocali Biculi – Couple by Silvia Beneforti: Quirky sculpture created from wood and painted in the style of tiny blue houses with big black eyes and nail legs, £99.40.

Supercat by Victoria Coleman: Adorable supercat dressed in a red cape with eye mask created using mixed media painting on canvas, £150.

Narcissism Red by Seunghwui Koo: Mixed media sculpture on a panel which appears to be a human-like animal which is out of breath; this is priced at £6214.39, I can’t afford it, but I love it!

Cassette Tapes B Side by Hannah Forward: Retro music lovers will be smitten by this colourful illustrative cassette tape montage linocut on paper, £500.

Artfinder Works of Art

amazing artfinder online art marketplace review, pine lake nadia attura

Pine Lake by Nadia Attura, £230

It took me a while to select my favourite six pieces of art, and I didn’t look at everything because there is so much. You can search by the artist if you have a favourite painter or sculptor. Or you can research by medium – paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, drawings, collages and digital art. Styles include animals, landscapes, portraits, florals, nudes and still life. Price points range from twenty pounds to thousands. With the Editors’ Picks and Daily Finds sections, you can find some inspiration to get you started.

More About Artfinder

Artfinder is the world’s biggest art marketplace, so it’s a massive one-stop shop for art lovers. What’s great about this online art shop is that you buy directly from independent artists around the world. You can own an original painting, limited edition print or photograph for as little as £20. A big bonus is that you will directly support an artist, too – artists receive 70% of the price you pay, whereas, through a gallery, the artist would typically get a cut of 50%.

amazing artfinder online art marketplace review even warmer by zhanna kondratenko

Even Warmer Mixed Media on Canvas by Zhanna Kondratenko, £858.47

Artfinder has a free worldwide fourteen days returns policy. You can reach them 24-7 if you have any questions; this is perfect because you’re probably not going to buy art 9-5! If you can’t afford the piece of art you love, perhaps you can pay by interest-free monthly payments. They can also frame your artwork if you want, which makes life a lot easier!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Courtesy of Artfinder. The featured image is Fash by Hugh Abernethy, £2965. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising. I selected the artwork I loved for the feature, which was fun.