anaglypta wallpaper patterns cover favourite interior eras

Anaglypta wallpaper patterns cover favourite interior eras

Homegirl London pays homage to the iconic Anaglypta wallpaper brand which dates back to 1887.  With our love of nostalgic home décor from Victorian interiors to art deco style, Anaglypta wallpaper has surfaced with a new book of paintable textured wallpaper patterns.  From classic to contemporary they’ve got all your favourite designs and eras covered!  It’s a great way to mask uneven ceilings and walls with the option to paint in your choice of colour.  If you want to give your room a feeling of fabulous faux grandeur here are some wall decoration ideas for inspiration.

anaglypta wallpaper turner tile painted white

Turner Tile from the Heritage Collection

As for the interesting name given to this wall covering, it’s taken from the Greek word meaning ‘raised cameo’ which is very apt and has become synonymous with this particular type of paper.

Anaglypta Wallpaper Collections

Hot off the press is Book 39 which comprises of an eclectic collection of 94 new patterns.  These echo the grandeur of the late 19th century and glamour of the 1930s.  Within Book 39 you’ll find the Turner Tile featuring bold squares with decorative inserts in a tile format.  This wallpaper works rather well in white giving you a neutral backdrop to set off your colourful home accessories.  The paper is luxury vinyl from the heritage collection with a roll size of 10.05 long and 0.53 wide.

anaglypta wallpaper turner tile

Turner Tile from the Heritage Collection

Egon also pays homage to 19th century patterns.  Full of flowers and circles, this bold pattern looks tempting in teal as shown below.  Egon would be stunning in a master bedroom, dining room or grown up sitting room.  This is a luxury vinyl paper from the Heritage collection, the roll size is 10.05 long and 0.53 wide.

anaglypta wallpaper egon

Egon 19th Century Pattern from the Heritage Collection

Deco Paradiso has been re-introduced thanks to our renewed obsession with art deco patterns.  Adorned with fan shapes, it’s both striking and elegant.  It’s shown here in black for a dramatic effect.  The paper is luxury vinyl from the heritage collection and the roll size is 10.05 long and 0.52 wide.

anaglypta wallpaper deco paradiso

Deco Paradiso

There are many other styles available from authentic through to contemporary.  The Classics Collection is all about popular timeless designs which cover a wide range of tastes.  If you’re a fan of the forties check out the retro selection from the post war archive library dating from 1940 to 1970.  Contemporary wallpaper patterns are also available with smaller pattern detailing.

anaglypta wallpaper pattern collections

Clarendon (Classic), Louisa (Retro) and Kittiwake (Contemporary)

Once you’ve chosen the right pattern you can think about your paint colour.  Here are a couple of mood boards to give you some ideas.  Muted, subtle tones work well; think taupe, mushroom and sage green.

anaglypta wallpaper muted paint colours

Muted and Subtle Paint Colours

If you want something bolder try mustard, midnight blue or a rich red.

anaglypta wallpaper bold paint colours

Strong and Bold Paint Colours

To find out more about colour choices check out the ‘Colour Use’ section which you’ll find on the website.

Anaglypta Wallpaper History

Anaglypta dates back to 1887 and is perhaps the best known and oldest wallpaper brand made famous by their paintable textured wallpaper.  Thomas Palmer had developed a process to make embossed paper and thought it would work for wall coverings.  This was an improvement on Lincrusta embossed wallpaper (former employer of Palmer) which was quite rigid.  Palmer combined wood pulp with cotton for a more manageable format.  He partnered with Storey Bros. for production in Lancaster and showed his first papers at the 1887 Manchester Exhibition.  It was an instant hit.  Due to the popularity they had to relocate to larger premises at Potters Mill in Darwen, a market town in Lancashire.

anaglypta wallpaper history

Archive Images

The business has been through several ownership structures.  Today it is manufactured by Retford Wallcoverings who bought the company in May 2012 after having previously licensed the products.  They are located in Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

Where to Buy Anaglypta Wallpaper

To find out more about the range go to the website at Anaglypta.  You can buy the wallpaper from decorating and DIY stores (physical and online).  Prices range from £8-50 per roll.  They also make lining papers to prepare walls for paint or wallpaper.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photography: Anaglypta.  Additional Sources: Wikipedia.