anglepoise continually delivers function combined with style

Anglepoise continually delivers function combined with style

Homegirl London pays homage to the iconic and quintessentially British brand Anglepoise.  This much loved articulated task light dates back to 1932 when George Carwardine, an automotive engineer, developed a spring which would stay in place after being moved.  This sounds like such a simple invention but it’s one that brought us directional lighting exactly where we needed it and also delivered on the design front.  Carwardine turned to Herbert Terry and Sons to make the springs and the rest is history.  Over eighty years later and the Anglepoise Lamp is still shining bright with a new collection launching this September.  These may have started off as desk lights but are now available as floor lamps, indoor wall lights and ceiling pendants.  Let’s take a look at the current Anglepoise collections and new additions which will be available very soon.

anglepoise lamp

Iconic Lamp

Anglepoise Collections

Herbert Terry’s great, great grandson joined the business in 2003 and was responsible for updating the original product design.  He began collaboration with Kenneth Grange who created the Type 3, Type 75, Type 1228 and Type C LED series.  Grange has maintained the integrity of the modernist design ethos whilst contemporising for a new breed of buyers.  I’ve selected a product from each category to share with you and then I’ll give you the heads up on some new designs which will be released in September.

Desk Lights: Let’s start with the Original 1227 Desk Lamp which was launched in 1934 and is considered as the archetypal design.  This comes in jet black, ivory cream, signal red and bright chrome – £160 (£40 additional for chrome).

anglepoise original desk lamp

Original 1227 Desk Lamp

Floor Lamps: I just love the Giant 1227 Classic which is a supersized statement floor lamp.  It was original created for the Roald Dahl Museum and thankfully they put it into production.  It’s actually a triple scale adaptation as the original 1227 version.  You can buy this in duck egg blue, warm beige or pebble white – £2400.

anglpoise giant floor lamp

Giant 1227

Ceiling Pendants: This Duo Maxi Pendant is ideal for shining light on a dining table or kitchen counter top.  Available in alpine white or bright chrome with a coloured flex for interest – £120 starting price.

anglpoise duo maxi pendant

Duo Maxi Pendant

Indoor Wall Lights: The Type 1228 Wall Light is perfect for the bedroom or where you have limited space.  You can rotate the shade to focus light where you need it and tilt it away for a softer glow.  This design comes in some bright colours – £95.

anglpoise wall lights

Type 1228 Wall Light

Here are some of the new products which will be available to buy online from September.  The Type 75 Maxi Pendant has a distinctive geometric form which looks amazing hung on its own or in a group – £175 starting price.  The Original 1227 Brass Pendant features heritage inspired colours with authentic brass detailing a woven cable and will be available in two sizes – £95 starting price.  The Type 75 Maxi Floor Lamp comes in a striking large scale version of the original table lamp – £750 starting price.

anlgepoise new products

New Products

Anglepoise History

The Anglepoise Lamp is most certainly an iconic product which was created in 1932 by George Carwardine.  He was actually an automotive engineer who developed vehicle suspension systems.  He struck gold when he developed a formula for a spring which would stay in position after being moved inspired by the workings of human limbs.  The complex spring was produced by spring makers Herbert Terry and Sons which was patented in 1932.  This started out as a four-spring mechanism which was deemed too industrial for consumers so it was refined to three springs.  This accuracy of movement and lightness of touch set these lamps apart from the anything else on the market.  It resulted in a desk lamp which could be perfectly angled with poise and grace – hence the befitting name, although it was going originally going to be called Equipoise!

Where to Buy Anglepoise

If you want to buy yourself one of these amazing lamps go to the website at Anglepoise.

Author: Homegirl London.  Thanks: Kathryn Dighton.