arepa and co venezuelan restaurant london

Arepa and Co Venezuelan restaurant London

It was Homeboy’s birthday, and a friend had recommended Arepa and Co (Arepa & Co) which serves Venezuelan food. The food was amazing, so fresh and tasty, which was combined with excellent service and an idyllic location on Regents Canal in Haggerston N1. It’s a cool place to visit if you’re searching for a Venezuelan restaurant London and restaurants N1. It’s a lovely place, so do make an effort to visit Arepa and Co.

arepa and co selection of dishes

Selection of Dishes

Arepa and Co Menu

Before I take you through the menu, I need to explain a few things. Arepa is 100% cornbread and is shaped like a pocket sandwich which is split open and stuffed with your choice of fillings. Cachapas are sweet-tasting corn pancakes which are usually filled and then folded over. Pabellon is the National dish of Venezuela which consists of rice, shredded beef and black beans. Pasapalos are little starters which you can share. These are usually served at weddings but are now a popular part of the meal. Okay, that’s the basics, now let me tell you about what you can order.

arepa and co cachapa with artisan cheese

Cachapa with Artisan Cheese

At the weekend you can try out the breakfast dishes which are served between 10 am until 4 pm. These include a couple of veggie options so you can try the scrambled eggs with cheese or the version with roasted vegetables, black beans, cheese and plantains. I enjoyed this one which was very good; indeed, I was full up for the rest of the day.

arepa and co breakfast roasted vegetables, black beans, cheese and plantains

Roasted Vegetables, Black Beans, Cheese and Plantains

Meat eaters might like the Perico (scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes) with beef, black beans, cheese and plantains. If you like chicken, try the version with guacamole, black beans, cheese and plantains. All of these come with either an Arepa or Cachapa.

arepa and co breakfast of chicken with guacamole, black beans, cheese and plantains

Chicken with Guacamole, Black Beans, Cheese and Plantains

Throughout the day and into the evening you can try the Pasapalos which are the little starters like cassava fingers with homemade garlic and parsley sauce. Alternatively, you can try the cheese pastries with sugar cane and tamarind sauce which we had. They also have a few variations of plantain dishes with white cheese, coleslaw, shredded beef and other additions.

arepa and co cheese pastries with sugar cane and tamarind sauce

Cheese Pastries with Sugar Cane and Tamarind Sauce

Then it’s on to the Arepas or Cachapas which you can select depending on your preferences and has filled with chicken and guacamole, shredded beef with cheddar, artisan cheeses, black beans with plantains and cheddar, roasted veg and goats cheese plus more options. They also have the Pabellon dish I told you about plus Hallaca which is cornmeal wrapped in plantain leaves with beef, chicken and pork shoulder plus a salad.

arepa and co corn pocket with black beans, cheese and plantains

Arepa Filled with Black Beans, Plantains and Cheddar

You might be pleased to know that they also serve rum cocktails using one of the best Venezuelan brands called Santa Teresa Rum. Perhaps it’s best to try the Guarapita which is an authentic cocktail in Venezuela made with sugar cane lemonade, passion fruit juice with gold and orange rum. Other cocktails featured include Rum Sour, Mojito, Daiquiri, Apple Rum Tini, Espresso Tini and more. These are all made with real fruit and fresh juices so taste amazing, cheers!

Arepa and Co Interiors

Aside from the fabulous food and friendly staff, the location is superb. The restaurant overlooks Regents Canal which is buzzing at the weekends with little cafes and coffee shops along the banks. There are a few tables and chairs outside so you can enjoy the sun if it’s out. It’s not massive inside but is a nice size. The expanse of windows connect you with the outside, and you get a front-row view of the canal.

arepa and co interior

Restaurant Interiors

There are light industrial touches from the wooden floor, concrete walls and exposed air-con pipes. Elsewhere there are flashes of colour to give the space a funky flavour. The tables are interesting, some vintage versions are for sale, and others have been covered in newspaper. It’s an unpretentious and welcoming place which is frequented by couples, families and groups of friends.

Arepa and Co Information

arepa and co exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Venezuelan
Price: Weekend brunch menu is £6.50-8.75, Arepas and Cachapas with fillings are £5.50-7.50, and mains are £9-10.50
Website: Arepa and Co Website
Address: 58A De Beauvoir Crescent, Haggerston, London N1 5SB
Near: Haggerston, Kingsland Road and Hoxton
Open: Check the website for current opening times
Wi-Fi: Yes
Décor: Colourful and contemporary
Seating: Inside there is seating for around 25 plus the tables outside
Reservations: You can book online

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Ness for the recommendation.