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Blooming Beautiful Botanical Interior Ideas

Botanical Interior Ideas: Bringing nature inside is a wonderful way to freshen up your home. Whether you lavish walls with green shades of paint, hang pattern wallpaper or fill your space with plants, you can enjoy gorgeous greenery and botanical bursts in every room. I’ve put together some botanical interior ideas and photography to inspire you.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas graham and green

Photograph from Graham & Green: Two-Tiered Bamboo Table, £195

Blooming Beautiful Botanical Interior Ideas

Bring botanical bursts into your bathroom with green bathroom furniture, bathtub or basin. Just add plenty of lovely lush green plants that thrive in humid rooms, and you can connect with nature while you shower or bathe.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas cp hart

Photograph from C.P. Hart: Drench Frahm Crittall Style Wet Room Panel, £2625

Decorating your bathroom with dramatic dark green tiles is another gorgeous way to add a botanical backdrop to this room. Pair these tiles with a black roll-top tub and tropical plants to create a heavenly haven.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas walls and floors

Photograph from Walls and Floors: Victorian Green Metro Tiles, £25.95 per SQM

Painting walls in your dining room or living room a relaxing shade of green is a great way to feel close to nature, especially if you have patio doors leading onto the garden. Add a few natural materials, such as woven baskets and lampshades, along with plants, and you’ll enjoy this serene space. The Mellow Sage from Crown Paints is delightful. Other green paint colours to consider from Crown Paints are Trailing Plant, Botanical Noir, Palm Springs and Secret Escape.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas crown paint

Photograph from Crown Paints: Mellow Sage Matt Emulsion, £18 for 2.5 litres

Covering walls with botanical-inspired wallpaper is a brilliant way to cheer up a room. If you are hanging wallpaper with a busy pattern, keep the rest of the room neutral and low-key so that the design has a chance to pop!

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas from graham and brown copy

Photograph from Graham & Brown: Botanical Powder Wallpaper, £60 per roll

Introduce botanical-inspired bedding and curtains in the bedroom for an instant connection with nature. Fern patterns and tropical Monstera leaves are popular choices. Alternatively, try a plain green duvet set and add a few printed cushions scattered on top.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas from bedeck

Photograph from Bedeck Home: Costa Rica Duvet Cover Set with Fern Pattern, £60-105

Displaying a selection of plant leaves in glass vases or bottles is a beautiful way to brighten up a room. Lush foliage placed in standing planters can look adorable, especially if you have a piece of vintage furniture that you can transform into a planter, such as drawers from an apothecary dresser. Bamboo tables and trolleys are perfect if you want to showcase a selection of tropical plants in ceramic pots. Hanging plants with macrame holders can give your room a bohemian feel.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas from vinterior website

Photograph from Vinterior: Vintage Danish Plant Stand, £350

Add as many plants to a room as you can afford, especially in the conservatory or sunroom. Real plants, rather than faux varieties, will connect you with nature. Even on a dreary day, you can still enjoy the stress-reducing properties of greenery.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas amtico

Photograph from Amtico: Signature Chalked Pine Floor, prices start at £70 per SQM

Other ways to introduce botanical elements into your interior are with pattern lampshades, cushions, rugs, curtains, throws, prints, posters and other decorated home accessories such as pressed flowers and leaves.

blooming beautiful botanical interior ideas from olivias

Photograph from Olivia’s: Botanical Spring II Framed Art Set of Two, £50

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: The featured image shows a selection of glass vases from Nkuku from £12.95. The other pictures are from Graham & Green, C.P. Hart, Walls and Floors, Crown Paints, Graham & Brown, Bedeck, Vinterior, Amtico and Olivia’s.