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Breddos Tacos Goswell Road Clerkenwell

Homegirl London’s Restaurant Review: Breddos Tacos. It was the day of Homeboy’s birthday, and he wanted Mexican food for lunch. Browsing online we came across Breddos, a Taqueria located on Goswell Road in Clerkenwell. With inventive flavour combinations and first-rate ingredients, you’re in for a treat. Those searching for Mexican restaurants in Clerkenwell or a taqueria in Goswell Road should certainly give Breddos Tacos a try.

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“For delicious taco bites with eclectic flavours pop in and try this buzzy Clerkenwell located restaurant,” Homegirl London

Breddos Taqueria Menu

Having started as a makeshift taco shack in a Hackney car park, the food is influenced by the travels of Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney through America and Mexico. We also detected some Japanese ingredients, which were a nice touch. They use British produce; the meat is from Phillip Warren and Son while the fish is from Wild Harbour in Cornwall. If you love tacos, these are served on house nixtamalised 12cm corn tortillas which tasted fabulous. I had to look up what nixtamalised meant, it’s a process for the preparation of maize, corn or grains where it is soaked and then cooked in an alkaline solution, washed and then hulled. Their tortillas are made in house from non-GMO, Landrace Corn which is ground using a volcanic stone mill.

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Baja Fish and Prawn Tacos

Homeboy tried the Baja Shrimp Tacos with spinach, wild garlic and habanero. He also selected the Baja Fish Tacos with cabbage, habanero sauce and white onion. These didn’t last long, and in between mouthfuls he said both were delicious. Baja refers to the place of origination for fish tacos where the fish is deep-fried and served with shredded cabbage and traditionally a creamy white sauce. I tried the Sweet Potato Taco with almond chilli, queso fresco (fresh cheese), spring onions and peanuts, which was super tasty. If you love meat then apparently the Beef Rib Eye is the one to try, and you might as well nosh down on the Kung Pao Belly Pork while you’re at it.

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Sweet Potato Taco and Buratta Tostada

It’s not just tacos on offer here. You can also try the Tostadas served on 12cm crispy corn tortilla. Homeboy chooses the Tuna Tostada with yellow bean, tomatillo (Mexican husk tomatoes which are green or green-purple), fujikko (seaweed) and peanuts. I went for the Buratta Tostada with mizuna (Japanese mustard greens), orange and salsa morita (chillies). Or you can try the Tlayudas which are thin crunchy toasted tortilla covered with ingredients. Options include pork, chicken and potato.

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Queso Fundido

If you like meat, you can try the wood grill in the evenings after 6 pm. They also have a few snacks, including Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Guacamole. We enjoyed the Queso Fundido, it’s a cheese fondue dip with gooey cheese over salsa surrounded by sizeable crispy style fried sliced potatoes. It was messy to eat, but well worth it!

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Leche Frita

If you fancy a dessert to finish, I can recommend the Leche Frita with miso sugar. It’s a typical Spanish dessert which means ‘fried milk’ with a cold sweet milk pudding inside a warm fried shell made from flour and egg. It doesn’t sound very appealing, but it was. Order yourself a Mescal or Tequila drink to wash down those tacos. To give you an idea about prices, tacos are £3.50-5, tostadas £6-8.50, specials £7-12 and desserts £4.50-6.50.

Breddos Tacos Interiors

Outside the restaurant has a black painted fascia with lovely large arched windows overlooking the busy street. Venture inside, and the place is cool yet cosy with the open kitchen at the back. There are three booth style seating arrangements with wooden benches designed to seat four people. Alternatively, you can mingle with other customers on the sharing table. If you’re dining solo or the restaurant is busy you can sit up at the bar or one of the counter tables on a padded leather stool.

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Restaurant Interior

Look up, and you’ll see a shelf towards the black ceiling which displays a selection of cacti. Contemporary artwork adorns the walls. Vinyl music is played on a record player. It’s buzzy, and the staff are super friendly, which makes this place a joy to hang out.

Breddos Tacos Information

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Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the Breddos Website. The restaurant address is 82 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7DB. The nearest station is Barbican Underground (Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City Lines) or you can walk from Old Street (Northern Line or Great Northern Trains). Current opening times are listed on the website. There are no reservations.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London food and exterior, interior photographs from the Breddos website. Thanks: Homeboy for finding the restaurant.