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Broadway Market To Exmouth Market London Walk

My Broadway Market To Exmouth Market Walk takes you along the tranquil path of Regent’s Canal. It’s perfect if you’re looking for walking routes in London. Saturday is when Broadway Market operates with many street food options, so it’s the best day for the walk. Exmouth Market also has plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants, so you can eat something delicious on either side. Join me on the splendid Broadway Market To Exmouth Market Walk along Regent’s Canal. You’ll enjoy passing by the wild overgrown plants, weeping willows, brightly painted barges with witty names, canal locks, bridges, colourful graffiti, ducks and swans.

wild growing plants and brick walls

Broadway Market To Exmouth Market Walk Highlights

Start at Broadway Market; it’s a street with a Saturday market of the same name in Hackney, London E8. You’ll be impressed by the array of street food worldwide, including curries, burgers, wraps, mezze, sweet treats, and more.

broadway market hackney saturday

Broadway Market (the street) has an abundance of independent cafes, restaurants and pubs should you wish to sit on a chair while eating. Browse the adorable shops along the street, from boutiques to bookstores.

london fields in hackney near broadway market

London Fields is at the top of Broadway Market, the perfect place to eat your street food while lazing in the grass.

broadway market and london fields stairs

Regent’s Canal is at the bottom of Broadway Market, where you will find steps leading to the Canal path.

bethnal green gasometers

The two imposing Bethnal Green gasometers are in the opposite direction, so those need to be behind you as you begin your walk to Islington, where you exit and walk to Exmouth Market.

actons lock number 7 regents canal

Acton’s Lock No. 7 is a pretty spot along the Canal. If you’re lucky, you may see a barge in the process of passing through the Lock.

save the hackney sharks

When you reach Haggerston Road, you’ll see large fake sharks in the water with the wording Save the Hackney Sharks. It’s an art installation by Jamie Shorten.

canoe and kyaking

You’ll probably spot some colourful kayaks or canoes in the water, especially on a sunny day.

kingsland basin

Kingsland Basin on your right, in the De Beauvoir Town area, is an inlet of water with apartments overlooking the basin.

towpath cafe

Then you hit the spot where you’ll find some waterside eateries. Café Route (Middle Eastern/Mediterranean), Arepa & Co (Venezuelan) and the adorable Towpath Café (seasonal food).

ronann apartments

If you look across the Canal, you will spot an apartment block with lush greenery coving the fascia, and this is the Ronann Apartments in Hoxton N1, an eco-architectural development.

gainsborough studios

Soon you’ll see Gainsborough Studios across the south bank of Regent’s Canal. It was once Gainsborough Pictures, a British film studio where Alfred Hitchcock filmed. In 2004 a residential apartment block was built on the site.

chimney and holborn studiso near sturts lock

After passing Sturt’s Lock, you’ll see the large chimney across the Canal next to Holborn Photography Studios.

wenlock basin

On your left, you will soon see Wenlock Basin.

city road basin

City Road Basin is next door to Wenlock Basin, separated by Wharf Road.

barges serving refreshments regents canal

Near City Road Basin, you’ll see some barges serving pizza, seafood, wine and a coffee shop. With tables and chairs on the path, it’s an excellent spot to stop and soak up the buzzy atmosphere. Look out for signage if you want to take a canal boat to Kings Cross rather than continue walking.

city road lock 5

City Road Lock 5 is usually a crowded area because it’s near the canal boats serving food and drink.

after canal lock 5

The last part of the towpath after City Road Lock 5 is particularly scenic, with willow trees and lush green foliage.

end of regents canal path islington

Because of the Islington Tunnel, the Regent’s Canal path breaks when you reach Colebrooke Row in Islington, London N1. To re-join the Canal, you need to walk to Caledonian Road. Instead, I’m proposing you walk to Exmouth Market to explore further.

duncan terrace gardens

Walk through Duncan Terrace Gardens, a narrow patch of greenery that brings you to City Road. Cross over City Road, over Goswell Road, down Owen Street, left onto St John Street, right onto Rosebery Avenue, left onto Rosoman Street and finally right onto Exmouth Market. It sounds like a lot of turns, but it is only an 11-minute walk, I promise!

regents canal to exmouth market

Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell is a pedestrianised street with plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. During the week, you will find street food stalls serving food to the office workers. Have a sit-down, and people watch while you sip a cold beer or cocktail.

Broadway Market To Exmouth Market Walk Information

Go to the Canal River Trust website to learn about Regent’s Canal. The walk from Broadway Market to Exmouth Market along the Canal takes approximately one hour and ten minutes, although I would allow more time to take pictures, so make it one and a half hours. One thing to note is that walkers, joggers and cyclists use the Canal path, so at times it can be annoying having to move out of the way. It’s better to go in a small group to avoid feeling stressy.

regents canal street art

The closest stations to Broadway Market are Cambridge Heath and London. Angel is the nearest station to Exmouth Market. You can begin the walk from either end. It depends on where you want to finish.

regents canal ducks
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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Please check that the places I referenced in this article are still in business before visiting to avoid disappointment.