Rooms Edit: Cabana Conservatory Ideas. If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, give it a tropical interior make-over this summer. Pretend you’re sipping cocktails at a tropical island beach hut. You may just be day dreaming but it will certainly help you relax. I’ve picked out a palm leaf armchair and sofa, bamboo scuttle chair and handwoven rattan baskets. By mixing bamboo with rattan and palm prints it’s easy to bring your own Cabana Conservatory Ideas to life.

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Jozef Chierowski 366 Easy Chair in Deco Print: Stunning mid-century modern lounge chair with vibrant jungle green print cushions, £595 from Rose & Grey.

Palm Leaf Upholstered Sofa: Pretty palm leaf printed Danish design sofa with birch legs, £495 from Ella James at (product code: 766944).

Bamboo Scuttle Chair: Stunning iconic bamboo woven chair with high back, £390 from Out There Interiors at (product code: 663239).

Bamboo Chair: Elegant indoor and outdoor bamboo armchair with a white cushion, £379 from Idyll Home at (product code: 465575).

Handwoven Bamboo Baskets: Handy storage baskets for toys, magazines or books made from 100% bamboo, £25 for set of two from Marks and Spencer UK (product code: T276234).

Jangala Cushion: Embroidered green palm leaf set against a pretty pink background, £25 from UK (product code: CUSJAN004PNK-UK).

Cabana Frame: Cute picture frame with Hawaiian surround available in three size options, £22-28 from Anthropologie (UK) product code: 4526084840019).

Lene Bjerre Ailia Basket Set: Handwoven rattan basket set on legs which is perfect for hiding all your clutter away, £719 from Harvey Nichols & Co Ltd (product code: SC253965).

Broste Cophenhagen Bamboo Lantern: Natural bamboo lantern with glass candle holder for lighting up your garden, terrace or conservatory £55 from UK.

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