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Cockfosters to Enfield Lock London Loop Walk

London Walk: Cockfosters to Enfield Lock London Loop Walk. If you love walking and want to follow pre-planned routes, the London Outer Orbital Path (London Loop) is ideal. It takes you through parks, woods, fields and farmland on connecting public footpaths around the edge of London and is often referred to as the M25 for walkers. We tried the Cockfosters to Enfield Lock London Loop Walk which is section 17 (of 24 routes) taking you through the stunning Trent Country Park.

cockfosters to enfiled lock london loop walk scenery

Walk Scenery

Cockfosters to Enfield Lock London Loop Walk Start

Section 17 starts at Cockfosters station which is on the Piccadilly tube line in zone five. Cockfosters is a North London suburb which is in the London Boroughs of Enfield and Barnet. This walk covers 9.5 miles in the distance which takes from 2.5 to 3 hours depending on your pace. When you get to Cockfosters there are plenty of restaurants located at Cockfosters Parade which is opposite the station and if you walk down further there are more eateries dotted on both sides of the road. We popped into Miracles for a late breakfast which is the closest restaurant. Alternatively, you can buy some snacks from one of the supermarkets.

cockfosters to enfield lock london loop walk map

Section 17 Loop Walking Route

The start of the walk is just behind Cockfosters station which is very handy indeed. You can print out a PDF map and information from the Transport for London Website for this walk and for all the other routes. The walk is signposted with the London Loop arrows although you might miss a few as we did. If you take the PDF print out with you and monitor a map on your phone you will be okay. Click here for a link to the PDF Map.

Cockfosters to Enfield Lock London Loop Walk Highlights

Some of the walk highlights included Trent Country Park which is over 400 acres of meadows, brooks, lakes and woodland which forms part of London’s Green Belt. This is a stunning conservation area. It’s included within the Register of Parks and Gardens of Specific Historic Interest in England.

cockfosters to enfield lock london loop walk, trent country park scenery

Trent Country Park

This Park is steeped in history when it served as a royal hunting ground and forest of Enfield Chase and is even mentioned in the Doomsday Book. Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and James I all hunted in these grounds. George III leased and later sold the site to Doctor Richard Jebb in 1777 as a reward for saving the life of his younger brother. The cure took place in the Italian Alps of Trento which inspired the name of the park.

cockfosters to enfield lock london loop walk, trent country park trees

Trent Country Park

The Trent Park House and structures within the Park have Grade II listed building status. The house has also been owned by Lord Cholmondeley, Robert Cooper Lee Bevan and Philip Sassoon. It was also home to Middlesex University but is now owned by the Berkeley Housing Group.

cockfosters to enfield lock london loop walk, trent country park house

Trent Park House

The route takes you on the outskirts of Trent Country Park near Cockfosters Road and then you cut across heading towards the famous 20-metre tall Obelisk erected in 1702. The Obelisk is in memory of George Grey Earl who is the son of Henry and Sophia, the Duke and Duchess of Kent. The Obelisk was apparently moved from Wrest Park by Sir Philip Sassoon to impress the Duke and Duchess of Kent who was at the estate on honeymoon. After admiring the Obelisk turn around you get an interrupted view of the amazing Trent Park House.

cockfosters to enfield lock london loop walk, trent country park obelisk


After the Obelisk, you will shortly be exiting the park to cross over Ferny Hill. My friend Rich found a place to eat on the map called Ferny Hill Farm which is close by. If you wanted a bite to eat and a toilet break, this is your opportunity. They serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea here and there is also a farm shop.

cockfosters to enfiled lock london loop walk, hilly fields bandstand

Hilly Fields Park Bandstand

After you cross Ferny Hill you pass along a path by fields until you start to walk beside Salmon’s Brook. Eventually, you come to the A1005 and you will see a large hotel in the distance called The Royal Chace. I popped in and asked to use the toilets here and was glad I did otherwise I would have needed a bush to hide behind! The remainder of the walk takes you beside Turkey Brook. You go through Hilly Fields Park which has a lovely bandstand. The Forty Hall Estate is impressive which boasts the magnificent 17th Century Forty Hall, a park with ponds and gardens.

Cockfosters to Enfield Lock London Loop Walk End

If you’re feeling tired and want to end your journey a little earlier you can stop at the Turkey Street Station which is on the London Overground line. We carried on for the remainder of the journey until we reached Enfield Lock. This final part wasn’t very scenic so if I did it again I would stop at Turkey Street Station because my feet really ached at this point. Because Rich and I are both geeks we had to finish the walk even though my feet were saying stop! This is a popular walk so you’ll be able to find other articles and photographs to review before you set off. Enjoy and put on some comfy walking shoes!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London Thanks: Rich for navigating and organising the map for this article.