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Create Your Perfect Fit Made To Measure Sideboard

If you’re looking for the perfect fit made to measure sideboard, you can create your own online with help from Tylko. It’s a fun and fabulous way to ensure you get the exact style, size, and colour you want without compromising. Does this sound like a great idea? Yes, it does. If you require storage furniture for your home, you should check out Tylko because you’ll get exactly what you need. Let’s look at some stunning sideboard options you can create in just a few clicks.

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Bespoke Sideboard Designs I Created For My Living Room

I was enthusiastic about these bespoke sideboards and couldn’t resist creating a few designs for my living room. What I found was that It’s super easy to adjust the width, height, depth, colour, style, columns, feet, back panels and segments. Adding doors, drawers, and shelves is also simple, with an option for cable openings. My living room palette is grey, blue and red, so I kept within those colours.

tylko custom made light grey sideboard

A great storage sideboard for a living room or guest bedroom combining a home office. Style: Gradient, Width: 232cm, Height: 83cm, Depth 40cm, Feet: Standard, Back Panels: On, Colour: Grey, Price: £1999.

tylko bespoke red sideboard

Brighten up your living room and house all your audio equipment and desirable decorative objects. Style: Frame, Width: 275cm, Height: 103cm, Depth 50cm, Feet: Plinth, Back Panels: Off, Colour: Red and Plywood, Price: £3199.

tylko custom design blue sideboard

Perfect for a compact living room or hallway storage. Style: Grid, Width: 107cm, Height: 73cm, Depth 32cm, Columns: 2, Feet: Legs, Back Panels: On, Colour: Blue, Price: £679.

What Else Does Tylko Make Besides Sideboards?

If you’re going to buy a sideboard and you wish to have a hand in custom-designing it to suit your room, it’s time to try Tylko. At Tylko, you can create everything from sideboards to bookcases, wall storage, wardrobes, desks, TV stands, chest of drawers, shoe racks, bedside tables and vinyl storage. Colour options currently include white, black, grey, blue, pink, wooden, yellow, red, beige, burgundy, graphite and multicolour. You can order the sample kits if you want to check out these colours in your home. Materials include veneer and plywood.

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