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Cute Granny Chic Floral Cushions

Floral Cushions are fabulous for fans of Granny Chic interiors. Floral cushions can look pretty cute piled on a comfy sofa. If you want a cosy cottage core inspired living room, you’ll love these vintage-style floral cushions. My selection includes flower patterns, ruffled edges, embroidery and vintage fabrics. If you have old curtains lying about, you could always transform them into cushions. Cottage core interiors are appealing at the moment because we are craving comfort while enduring the Covid lockdown.

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My Favourite Granny Chic Floral Cushions

Feature Image: Floral Natural Fringed Cushion Cover (search product code: 860493), £55 from Studio Sophie at

Lead and First Mood Board Image: House of Hackney Rainbow Rose Cotton Linen Cushion (search product code: 5059419147771), £165 from Liberty London

Mood Board Images Left to Right from Top to Bottom:

Projectkityny Leinikki Embroidered Gingham Frill Cushion (search product code: 5059419707685), £70 from Liberty London

Coco & Wolf Betsy Grey and Rose and Capel Double Ruffle Square Cushion (search product code: 1056542566335), £58 from Liberty London

Les Indes Suman Recycled Cotton Cushion Cover (search product code: 958169), £35 from Tikauo at

Floral Pattern Vintage Linen Cushion, £24+ from Designer Nell at Etsy UK

Vintage Hand Embroidered Woollen Tapestry Ehrman Carnations Cushion, £24 from Painted Jezabel at Etsy UK

Floral Cushion (search product code: 987537), £32 from Kali Stileman Publishing at

Lorient Décor Cream and Pink Floral Cushion, £12.99 from TK Maxx

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Granny Chic Floral Cushions Post Credits

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs are from the following online shops/websites: (Studio Sophie, Tikauo, Kali Stileman Publishing), Liberty London, Etsy UK (Designer Nell, Painted Jezabel) and TK Maxx. If you are unhappy with me using one of your pictures, please contact me.