decorative lights brighten up your home and garden

Decorative Lights Brighten Up Your Home and Garden

This weekend was extra special because a box of decorative lights arrived from Lights4fun. I love decorative lights because they are fabulous and functional. They provide a point of interest to shelves, mantle pieces and tabletops. I found places to put these lights in my apartment and on the balcony. Although I expect I’ll change things around again in a few weeks, I can’t help! It got me inspired to take some pictures, which I’ll share with you in this post. Join me as I tell you which lovely lights I selected for my home. These include a bell jar with micro fairy lights, two lanterns, battery candles and festoon lights.

My Favourite Decorative Lights From Lights4fun

20 warm white carnival plug in festoon lights

I’ve always wanted festoon lights for my apartment. The first thing I did was unpack the Warm White Carnival Plug-In Festoon Lights and hang them up. The kitchen opening was the perfect place to put these lights. It adds a touch of drama and fun, which cheers up the room. I can’t stop admiring them! They cost £44.99 (search product code: PL17001). Lights4fun sell plenty of festoon lighting for inside and outside. These include battery-operated, electric or solar options. Styles range from vintage to fiesta with warm, bright or multicolour bulbs.

micro fairy lights in glass dome

I had my eye on this adorable Large Bell Jar and Micro Fairy Light Bundle for a while. I was super happy with this light because it is battery-operated, so I have multiple options of where to place it. I found the perfect home on top of an industrial trolley cart in my living room. The microlights are ideal if you want to add a touch of sparkle to your living room or bedroom. Simply bend the lights into a shape and pop the glass dome over the top of the bamboo base. It costs £22 (search for product code: D-GDM15-2-C50-YW). Check out the selection of micro fairy lights, which include daisy shapes, gold leaves, butterflies and hearts.

truglow grey slim led candles

The TruGlow Grey Slim LED Candles were also perfect for the bathroom. After turning the downlights off, the candles’ warm glow helped me relax. I’m looking forward to doing it all over again tonight! A pack of three candles costs £19.99 (search product code: CA21009). TruGlow candles are an excellent choice for anyone who loves candles but without danger. They are available in various sizes and shapes, including tea lights and taper. Choose from white, grey, red, pastels and other colours. Purchase a remote control so you can change to mood lighting at the press of a button.

galvanised lantern with truglow candle

The Medium Galvanised Lantern with TruGlow Candle is stunning. I put it on a bathroom shelf to add ambient lighting. Because the candle is battery operated, it provides a glow without the worry of a real candle. It costs £34.99 (search product code: LA20027). Lights4fun has a lovely selection of indoor and outdoor lanterns. Designs include traditional, contemporary and Moroccan styles.

lanterns on window sill

I also tried the gorgeous Galvanised Lantern on my balcony windowsill alongside the Canberra Slatted Outdoor Lantern with TruGlow Candle. I particularly like the rope handle, which softens the black metal lantern. These lanterns looked fabulous, and because the candles are battery-operated, they are safe. Canberra costs £34.99 (search product code: LA20018).

Buy Decorative Lights For Your Home, Balcony or Garden

lanterns outside

All these lovely lights are from the Lights4fun website. It’s a one-stop-shop for decorative lights to brighten up your home, garden or balcony. Many of the lights are battery-operated, so you place them on shelves or a console table even if you don’t have a plug nearby. You might want to explore the net lights, curtain lights, fairy lights, star lights, and neon lights for the home. For outside, the festoon lights, solar lights and lanterns are perfect. Lights4fun sell a lot of seasonal lights for parties and special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. It’s time to get creative and start having fun with your lighting!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.