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Donutelier Artisanal Donut Specialist London WC2

Donutelier is a haven for donut lovers in London. They redefine the classic treat with an artisanal flair akin to a fashion atelier. Using only the finest ingredients, Donutelier creates light, airy donuts alongside decadent, flaky pastries. One thing is guaranteed with seasonal flavours and limited editions, you’re always in for a treat. For those seeking artisan donuts in London, dessert places near Leicester Square Station, or cafes on Charing Cross Road, you must visit Donutelier.

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“Whether craving something sweet, fruity, or indulgently rich, there’s a donut to satisfy every palate at Donutelier,” Homegirl London.

Donut Menu

The decadent offerings include the Dulcey Banoffee with banana toffee, fleur de sel ganache, chocolate hazelnut crust, cocoa almond sable disk, and cocoa dark chocolate. My partner was drawn to this as his favourite dessert is Banoffee Pie. He commented that this donut was outstanding between mouthfuls, at least, I think that’s what he said!

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Half an hour later, we returned for one more donut each. He chose the Passion Coconut with Chantilly cream, coconut shavings, passion fruit coconut cream, and crispy raspberries. It was another exceptional sweet treat!

donutelier fraisier strawberry and cream donut

For those with a penchant for fruity delights, the Fraisier boasts layers of strawberry jam and Chantilly cream with fresh strawberries. I ate one and found it light and delicate making it the perfect donut, in my opinion. Similar flavours include the Vanilla Raspberry and Pink Royal with wild berries.

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My second donut was Vanilla Cookie Cream with vanilla cream, black cookie crumble, Chantilly cream and an OREO cookie. Although it was impressive and beautifully presented, I preferred the lighter Fraisier. Other chocolate choices included Gilded Cocoa, Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate Sprinkles and Roshers Gianduja.

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The Vanilla Pecan, Dulcey Pecan, or Pistachio donuts are worth considering if you fancy something nutty. There are more donuts, but hopefully, those I’ve mentioned will entice you to visit the store. The prices range from £5.50 to £ 7.

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I’ve focused on the donuts, but you should also consider the croissant rings filled with cream, fruit, and nuts. The Bobo Cookies are equally enticing. If you eat your donut inside, you can also purchase tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Enjoy!

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Helpful Information About Donutelier Charing Cross

To find out more, visit the Donutelier website. Their address is 48-50 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0BB, close to Leicester Square and Covent Garden stations. The current opening times listed on the website are Monday to Sunday from 8.30 am until 10 pm, including Bank holidays. You can also have donuts delivered, which is dangerous to know!!

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The shop has a counter at the front displaying the lavish donuts. There is a small seating area around the corner. There aren’t any toilet facilities.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. I only write about eateries where I had a good experience. I recommend you do further research as standards fluctuate, as do opinions. Please check if the establishment is still in business and the opening times before you go. If you discover this restaurant has closed, contact me to remove it from my blog.