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Dotori Restaurant Finsbury Park London N4

The Dotori Restaurant in Finsbury Park serves Korean food and Japanese cuisine. It’s a small and unassuming eatery which is a big hit with locals. You’ll find Dotori situated close to Finsbury Park station at the beginning of Stroud Green Road. If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Finsbury Park, Korean restaurants in North London or Sushi N4, check out the Dotori Restaurant.

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“Superb local Korean and Japanese restaurant located in Finsbury Park which is a big hit with the locals,” Homegirl London

Dotori Restaurant Menu

For a small restaurant, the menu is extensive with plenty of tempting Korean and Japanese food. I’ll start with the Korean food selection first. Starters include deep-fried items; oysters, soft shell crab, chicken and king prawns accompanied with a sauce. Try the kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) pancakes with or with meat.

dotori restaurant kimchi pancakes

Kimchi Pancakes

Korean mains include Bibimbap which is a traditional rice pot layered with vegetables and a choice of toppings. It arrives at your table sizzling so don’t touch the bowl because it’s scorching! You get a side sauce which you stir into the bowl before eating. Toppings include vegetarian with an egg, marinated seafood, thinly sliced raw beef with egg, pear with soy-marinated beef BBQ and egg, marinated king prawns or tempura prawns. Alternatively, you can try the Stew Pots with beef, pork or tofu. The Korean BBQ options are popular, and you can order seafood, chicken, pork belly or beef. The meat is served with lettuce wraps and Korean Soy Bean Sauce.

dotori restaurant prawn tempura

Prawn Tempura

The Japanese appetisers include vegetarian, chicken or prawn gyoza (fried dumplings). Or you can try deep-fried tofu squares, chicken pieces, squid legs or breaded prawns served with different dipping sauces. The mixed vegetable, asparagus, squid or prawn tempura is always delicious. Japanese mains include a selection of Sushi or Maki. They also have big Maki roll options; an example is the Dragon Roll with eel, avocado, cucumber, omelette slices and a sweet caramelised soy sauce.

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You can also order Temaki which is a cone made from seaweed and filled with a mix of salmon, tuna, salmon or eel along with avocado, cucumber and a sauce or mayonnaise. Or you might be tempted by the sashimi which is freshly prepared raw fish without rice or Nigiri, which is with rice. They have tuna, salmon, seabass, squid and octopus options. Other dishes include bento boxes, ramen and katsu curry. Japanese and Korean set menus are also available.

dotori restaurant chicken teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki

Dotori Restaurant Interiors

dotori restaurant interior

Restaurant Interiors

Outside the restaurant looks very unassuming. It is a glass shop front so you can see inside and you’ll notice that it’s always packed. The tables are quite close together because they are short on space which makes this place cosy and buzzy. The ground floor has room for around thirty people with a few seats facing the glass window overlooking the pavement. They have some bamboo decoration on one wall. The kitchen is towards the back and is semi-open. Downstairs are more tables and a bar area which is quite cute. I find it more relaxing to sit downstairs because the staff don’t need to walk behind your chairs so often.

Dotori Restaurant Information

dotori restaurant, exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more visit the Dotori Restaurant Website. The address is 3 Stroud Green Road, London N4 2DQ. It is near Finsbury Park tube, train and bus station. Check the website for current opening times. To give you an idea of prices; Tempura is £7-7.80, Bibimbap £7.90-9, Gyoza £5-5.50 and 8 pieces small Maki is £3.50-5.20. Enjoy your food!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy and Rich for accompanying me on the numerous visits to this restaurant.