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Dreamy Log Cabin Garden Offices

If you dream of working from home, these Log Cabin Garden Offices might be just the thing you’re looking for. Summer House 24 specialise in a wide variety of Log Cabins for anyone with a garden or plot of land. Whether you want to buy one of their Contemporary Garden Offices or create your own Bespoke Garden Office design, it’s the most straightforward job you’ll have to do. Join me as I explore the comprehensive collection of Log Cabin Garden Offices and select my favourites.

log cabin home office eamon

Garden Office No Veranda: Eamon

Dream Worthy Log Cabin Garden Offices

Working from home is just the best. Having an office at the end of your garden gives you financial freedom from renting space and saves you so much commuting time that it’s a no-brainer. The contemporary designs from Summer House 24 include a selection of sizes, from the cutest modest hexagonal to a palatial place with outside space. You can even incorporate a lounge, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Why not take full advantage of your glorious garden by adding a pleasant veranda?

log cabin garden offices eva

Medium Garden Office: Eva

I recently moved from a home with a back garden to an apartment. I would have loved to own one of these Log Cabin Home Offices. It would have been a haven for me. Escaping to my sanctuary in the backyard would have helped let my creative vibes flow without any interruptions. Because I still like to dream, I’ve picked out three of my favourite Garden Offices to share with you.

log cabin garden offices corner room b outside

Large Garden Office: Hansa Corner Room B Outside

If I had a large garden, I would appreciate Corner Room B, which has a lovely veranda. This internal space could incorporate an office area with a lounging zone. It could double up as a garden room when I wasn’t working. As I have a laptop, once that is put away in a cupboard, the room would be perfect for evening entertaining. Sliding doors opening up onto a 3×4 meter veranda would give me a place to relax after a hard day blogging!!!

log cabin garden offices corner room b

Large Garden Office: Hansa Corner Room B inside

The Mini Hansa Lounge is perfect for small gardens, which, in reality, is what I would have selected for the size of the backyard I had. It is adorable and lets in tons of natural light, thanks to the double glass doors. The Mini Hansa Lounge also has a small section of outside space, which I would use for a rocking chair. It’s adorable and perfect for escaping from your home to get some peace, whether you are really working or just pretending.

log cabin garden offices mini hansa lounge

Garden Office With Veranda: Mini Hansa Lounge

If I didn’t require a veranda, I’d choose the Barbados log cabin. It is a modern style with French doors and extra-long windows. It’s a beautiful-looking home office which gives you plenty of internal space. It’s an excellent choice for those who already have a pretty patio and don’t require another seating area.

log cabin garden offices, barbados-B

Garden Office No Veranda: Barbados

Benefits Of These Log Cabin Garden Offices

log cabin garden offices hansa xl

Large Garden Office With Veranda: Hansa XL

These Log Cabins have been built to a very high standard, constructed from solid wood with strong walls, floorboards, and roofing felt. The timber is from slow-grown Nordic spruce from sustainably managed forests. The selection of designs is comprehensive, which gives you a wide choice of products with customised elements. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you are welcome to create a bespoke Garden Office. You get a five-year warranty on each cabin which gives you peace of mind. The prices are very reasonable, considering the quality. Delivery times can be as little as 2-3 weeks. You can assemble the product yourself or hire a professional team who will make light work of the job in a couple of days.

Where To Buy Log Cabin Garden Offices

log cabin garden offices festival

Hexagonal Garden Office: Hexagonal Summer House Festival

For more information, go to the Summer House 24 Website where you can view the extensive range of Log Cabins. The collection includes Garden Offices, Garden Rooms, Sheds, Garages, Gazebos, BBQ Huts, and even Garden Saunas. Summer House 24 is an online shop with two sites, in Devon and Leeds, where you can view the products. Summer House 24 is a member of the Hansa Garden Group and BigFire Ltd. What are you waiting for? Get your business on track and turn your Garden Office dream into a reality!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Summer House 24. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.