Homegirl London pays homage to Enrich and Endure.  This business is owned by siblings with a passion for reviving Irish textiles.  They design and hand-craft luxury cushions, throws and blankets, napkins and table cloths using the finest Irish linen and Merino wool woven in Ireland.  They collaborate with highly experienced local weavers to develop innovative natural yarn mixes which they use to create their original collections.  It’s all about pushing the boundaries of an age old industry to produce fresh designs in beautiful colours.  I caught up with the duo to find out more about Enrich and Endure.

enrich and endure packaging

Enrich and Endure – Beautifully Presented

Meet the Enrich and Endure Owners

This business is owned by brother and sister Lorcan and Sarah Quinn.  Sarah is the designer and in charge of all things connected to creativity and production.  She also manages to find time to write their blog.  Lorcan takes care of the business and marketing side and luckily enough is a computer whizz.

enrich and ednure sarah and locran quinn

Enrich and Endure Owners – Sarah and Locran Quinn

Sarah tells me how the business idea started – “I was always a very creative child and driven towards design.  I studied art at Manchester University.  I found my enthusiasm somewhat suppressed and realised that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do as a career.  So I travelled and also learnt some skills along the way.   I lived in New Zealand for a year and spent time working for an interior designer.  That’s when I realised what I wanted to – create a community of like-minded creative people to reinvent Irish products in a fresh and unique way.  When I returned home, Lorcan and I couldn’t stop talking about it.  It took about a year to get off the ground which was hard work but very satisfying when we launched our website.”

enrich and endure cushions

Enrich and Endure – Cushions

Lorcan was also bitten by the travel bug after spending years wearing a smart suit and slouched over spreadsheets.  He tells me – “Travelling around the world provided me with tons of ideas and above all a sense of adventure.  My ethos now is love your job and you won’t ever have to work a day.”

enrich and endure napkins

Enrich and Endure – Napkins

They tell me about their business name – “We struggled to come up with a suitable name.  After reviewing our initial ideas we noticed two words we’d written down – Enrich and Endure.  Our products will enrich a space and last for many years.  So our ethos became our brand name and constantly reminds us of what we are trying to achieve.”

enrich and endure fuchsia throw

Enrich and Endure – Fuchsia Throw

They are based in a small town in Country Down in Northern Ireland called Banbridge which is where they grew up.  The studio is close to where most of their linens are woven.  They tell me – “Banbridge is synonymous for its Irish linen weaving heritage which expanded in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries into large scale manufacturing.  This industry has declined from the boom times but we’re lucky to have the last world renowned Irish linen weaver right on our doorstep.

Enrich and Endure Collection

They design and create unique goods using the finest Irish linen and wool woven in Ireland.  They collaborate with highly experienced local weavers to develop innovative natural yarn mixes which they use to create their original collections.  Their pieces are either 100% Irish linen, 100% merino wool or a mix of both.  They hand-craft cushions, throws, blankets, table cloths and napkins which are tactile and vibrant in colour.  There are three collections – Eden, Harvest and Nautique.

enrich and ednure aqua table cloth

Enrich and Endure – Aqua Table Cloth

Eden Collection: This is a vibrant range of Irish linen in fuchsia and green which is perfect for summer.  The inspiration behind Eden came from their Grandfather’s garden – “He’s particularly green fingered and is still a horticultural grandmaster at ninety years old.”

enrich and endure eden collection

Enrich and Endure – Eden Collection

Harvest Collection: Luxurious wools and linens in rich and elegant colours.  This was inspired by Sarah’s time living in the stunning lakeside town of Wanaka in New Zealand – breath-taking scenery from the vineyards to the mountain peaks.

enrich and endure harvest collection

Enrich and Endure – Harvest Collection

Nautique Collection: Irish linens in calming acqua blues and soft yellows for a nautical feel.  Sarah tells me – “This is reminiscent of hot and balmy summer nights in the South of France – beaches, blue skies and pastel villages.”

enrich and endure nautique collection

Enrich and Endure – Nautique Collection

Sarah tells me why Irish linen is so special – “It’s a natural product which breaths just like skin.  It is renowned for being luxuriously soft giving it unrivalled comfort and feel.  It has a lasting durability and is enriched with history meaning it may be handed down as an heirloom to the next generation.”

Buy Enrich and Endure Products

If you want to buy your own heirloom piece go to the website at Enrich and Endure.  To give you an idea about prices cushions are £69-105, throws and blankets £195-235, table cloths £195-235 and napkins are £69 for a set of 4.

Author: Homegirl London.  Thanks: Sarah Quinn and Lorcan Quinn.