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Explore Southwark Via The Low Line Walk

Explore the captivating Low Line Walk in London SE1 and discover vibrant Southwark neighbourhoods. It takes you on a delightful journey of restored Victorian viaducts in Bankside, Borough, London Bridge and Bermondsey. My favourite places include the charming Borough Yards, the renowned Borough Market, the bustling Maltby Street Market, the lively Bermondsey Beer Mile and the enticing Spa Terminus. Whether seeking the finest experiences in Southwark or interesting London walks in SE1, The Low Line is your perfect choice.

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Fifteen Things To See On The Low Line Walk:

1. Bankside Yards
2. Bankside Arches
3. Isabella Street
4. Scoresby Street
5. Ewer Street
6. Union Yard Arches
7. Southwark Quarter
8. Borough Yards
9. Borough Market
10. London Bridge Station Arches
11. White Grounds Skate Park
12. Bermondsey Beer Mile
13. Maltby Street Market
14. Spa Terminus
15. The Blue Bermondsey

Victorian Railway Arches On The Low Line Walk

bankside yards the low line walk

1. Bankside Yards: Witness the impressive transformation of Bankside, London SE1, with its revitalised old railway arches. This groundbreaking development boasts a mix of apartments, workspaces, retail outlets and even a five-star urban resort. Notably, it will be the UK’s first fossil fuel-free significant mixed-use development. It will be a remarkable destination overlooking the River Thames near The Tate Modern.

bankside arches the low line walk

2. Bankside Arches: Explore the railway arches on Robinson Road, where you’ll discover a variety of establishments. From the expansive Sofa.com store to the delectable offerings of Zabardast Indian wrap specialists and the enticing Sama bar and restaurant.

isabella street the low line walk

3. Isabella Street: Indulge in the enchanting ambience of Isabella Street. It’s adorned with railway arches housing inviting bars and restaurants. With lush greenery creating a secluded and traffic-free dining experience, you can relish the holiday vibe. Enjoy dining or drinking at EV Delicatessen, Jack’s Bar or Amora Gusto Tapas and Bar.

scoresby street the low line walk

4. Scoresby Street: More railway arches with businesses. One standout gem is Origin Coffee, a tranquil haven where you can enjoy exceptional coffee. Additionally, gamers will find the Immersive Gamebox a must-visit destination.

ewer street the low line walk

5. Ewer Street: The railway arches host various exciting activities here. Join the CrossFit Gym for a workout, partake in dance classes at Studio 68, or enjoy a game of pool at Spots and Stripes.

union yard arches the low line walk

6. Union Yard Arches: Step into the car-free Union Yard Arches and enjoy quality time with friends. Dine at Bala Baya (Israeli restaurant) or Osteria del Marcellaio (Italian restaurant). Catch a captivating theatre production at Union Theatre. Engage in aerial sports at Flying Fantastic. Or immerse yourself in cultural experiences at The Africa Centre.

flat iron square low line walk

7. Southwark Quarter: Delight in the collection of restaurants, bars, and event spaces here. Southwark Bridge Road, Southwark Street, Union Street, and Omeara Street surround the Southwark Quarter. This area boasts excellent dining options like Audrey’s (breakfast and Sunday lunch), Where the Pancakes Are (sweet and savoury pancakes), Bar Douro (Portuguese food and wine), Lupins (seasonal small plates) and In Horto (wood-fired food). Don’t miss the Carrubo, a bar with a relaxed holiday-like atmosphere, or indulge in an intimate wine experience at The Tap and Bottle. At Flat Iron Square, you’ll discover a selection of street food vendors and an on-site Brewery. Additionally, catch emerging talent at the music venue Omeara or enjoy a play at Menier Chocolate Factory.

borough yards the low line walk

8. Borough Yards: This captivating development centres around beautifully restored and reimagined railway arches. This dynamic hub marks a new chapter for Southwark and the wider Borough Market area. Indulge in culinary delights at Brother Marcus (Eastern Mediterranean), Barrafina (Spanish Tapas), and Parrillan (Spanish cooking over a fire). You’ll also encounter an Everyman Cinema, Paul Smith, and other enticing businesses tucked beneath the arches.

borough market the low line walk

9. Borough Market: Step into the world-famous historic food market, where many vendors await. From fresh produce, delectable cakes, and mouthwatering seafood to succulent meats, and artisanal cheeses, the market offers a feast for the senses. Don’t miss the vibrant street food scene at the Borough Kitchen area. In addition, the vicinity boasts excellent restaurants such as Roast (British), Arabica (Middle Eastern), El Pastor (Mexican), and Brindisa (Spanish tapas).

london bridge railway arches restaurants

10. London Bridge Station Arches: Make your way to the railway arches on Tooley Street at London Bridge Station, where you’ll find various chain restaurants. Eateries include Honest Burgers (Burgers), Pizza Pilgrims (Neapolitan Pizzas), Farmer J (Salads) and Comptoir Libanais (Lebanese Cuisine).

white grounds skate park the low line walk

11. White Grounds Skate Park: On your approach to the Bermondsey Beer Mile, you’ll see a graffiti-adorned skate park.

the bermondsey beer mile the low line walk

12. Bermondsey Beer Mile: Embark on a beer and cider journey along Druid Street, where breweries operate within charming railway arches. Saturday afternoon is the perfect time to visit, coinciding with the bustling atmosphere of Maltby Street Market. Additionally, you’ll find more breweries to explore on Enid Street.

maltby street market the low line walk

13. Maltby Street Market: Discover the enchanting Maltby Street Market, an adorable weekend food market on a pedestrianised street at Ropewalk. Step inside the inviting railway arches, where you’ll find various restaurants, bars, and a bakery. With an assortment of food stalls and trucks, you can relish delectable treats and refreshing drinks with your friends. The market is open on Saturdays from 10 am until 5 pm and Sundays from 11 am until 4 pm.

spa terminus the low line walk

14. Spa Terminus: Uncover the culinary wonders of Bermondsey’s food production and wholesale area. Spa Terminus is located within a collection of railway arches at Voyager Business Park, Apollo Business Park, Spa Business Park and Discovery Estate. Look out for Neal’s Yard Dairy, Monmouth Coffee and The Little Bread Pedlar. Typically, selected suppliers open their doors to the public around 9 am until 2 pm on Saturdays, making 11 am an ideal time to visit.

railway arch art the blue bermondsey low line walk

15. The Blue Bermondsey: For those seeking further exploration, head to The Blue Bermondsey, the historic town centre of the area. Admire art installations within the railway arches adjacent to the Biscuit Factory and a short walk from The Blue Market.

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Helpful Information About The Low Line Walk

borough yards arches

For comprehensive details, please visit The Low Line website. The points of interest are conveniently listed in geographical order for those commencing their journey from Blackfriars or Southwark stations. Alternatively, if you prefer to start from the bottom and progress upward, skip number 14 and explore Spa Terminus by travelling to London Bridge. Saturday is the optimal day to embark on The Low Line Walk when most attractions and establishments are open.

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