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Fantastic Expert Tackles My Odd Jobs

To kickstart this new decade, I decided to get my house in order, literally! I had a list of odd jobs which was getting quite lengthy, so it was time to call in a handy person. I contacted Fantastic Services (Referal Link), who are a one-stop-shop company that offers cleaning and maintenance services. They can take care of odd jobs, electrics, plumbing, painting, cleaning, gardening and more. I’d used them before when my partner and I were trying to assembly a large wardrobe. After four hours and a lot of arguing we admitted defeat and called in the professionals who did a fantastic job! This time I needed a mix of electrical work and odd jobs so they sent me David, a very experienced handyman, who could tackle both. In this article, I’ll tell you about the various odd jobs David did for me.

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs art hanging

Art Hung in Living Room

Odd Jobs For My Fantastic Handyman

Before contacting Fantastic Services, I compiled my list of odd jobs. Because it was extensive, they sent David around to undertake a site survey. I discussed all the tasks with him in detail. David advised on how he would tackle each of these and what additional items I required. I agreed to buy some of those items, and the more specialist pieces he offered to arrange, which was helpful. David reported his site visit findings back to Fantastic Services along with a time estimation and price. I then booked in the visit and looked forward to his return.

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs tv bracket

Wall Hung TV Bracket Guest Bedroom

On the day of the scheduled work, David arrived in the allotted time slot so top marks for that. After slipping protective covers over his work boots, he was ready to tackle the first task. The main reason I contacted Fantastic Services is that I wanted a TV hung on the wall in the guest bedroom. After buying a new TV for our bedroom in the Black Friday sales, we wanted to put the old one in the spare room. David held the TV against the wall as I lay in bed to determine the height it should. He used the wall hung TV bracket I’d bought, and before I knew it the job was done. How exciting, my mum will be delighted with the TV as she thinks the guest room is her room!

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs living room

Living Room Before Canvas Hung

I’d recently bought a new canvas by RON MILLER, a Berlin-based urban art duo, for the living room. To place this on the wall, I needed to swap it with a neon mouth shaped light. David moved the hook for the mouth light to the other side of the wall and hung my new canvas. It was a quick and easy job for him, which was just as well because I don’t trust myself with a power tool!

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs art hung

New Canvas Hung and Neon Mouth Light Moved

I have a vintage style tripod lamp which is lovely, but the base was taking up too much floor space. The lamp head detaches so I asked David if he could secure it to the wall with a metal rod I’d bought. He placed the light over my new canvas, and it looks incredible.

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs wall light

Lamp Hung on Living Room Wall

Then the intercom buzzer rang, and it was a delivery of another piece of art I’d ordered. I wasn’t sure if it would arrive on time, but it did. I unwrapped the Gregos plaster face and walked around the apartment, deciding where to hang it. David attached a hanging thread and placed it on the wall for me.

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs gregos face

Art Hung in Living Room

I had five pictures (yes, more art!) for the hallway. These were to hang on a cupboard door which hides the utility service pipes. These pictures were purchased quite a few months ago, so I was pleased they were finally going to be displayed. The entrance to my apartment looks like an art gallery.

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs art hallway

Art Hung in Hallway

In my kitchen, we keep knocking the bin lid against the corner of a wall which has created dents. I bought a metal wall protector as a solution to this problem. I could have bought a white plastic protector, but I preferred metal as it looked more industrial and in keeping with my warehouse apartment. David cut the protector to the correct height and glued it to the wall.

fantastic expert tackles my odd jobs protective wall strip

Protective Wall Strip

David carried out a few little other jobs for me, including securing the Dyson handheld vacuum wall mount back into place. He also placed two hooks in the utility cupboard so I can keep the ironing board in place. Sometimes it’s these little things that make us happy, especially now the ironing board won’t fall out of the cupboard when I open it!

I was so pleased that I’d got all the odd jobs ticked off my list. David did a brilliant job, and I was delighted with everything he did. He worked at a good pace, communicated the options with me and is very passionate about what he does. David was very respectful of my home and cleaned up after each task. I had very little to do when he left except to admire my new artwork and check out the TV in the guest bedroom!

Find Out More About Fantastic Services

If you live in London, it is often difficult to find a reliable, handy person. Luckily Fantastic Services cover London, the North West and South East areas. Fantastic Services aim to make life easier, so if you need a tradesperson whether that’s for a few odd jobs or something more substantial, they can help. For more information, Take a look at the Handyman, Odd Jobs and Repairs page.

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising. The links marked (Referal Link) click through to a referral service when I earn a small introductory commission. I received Fantastic services in return for writing the article.