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Fiona Howard British Wallpaper Designer

Esteemed British Wallpaper Designer, Fiona Howard, is known for creating the classic Sanderson ‘Dandelion Clocks’ design. After thirty years in the home furnishings textile design business, she has carved out a respected catalogue of work. Today Fiona is recognised for her lino print wallpaper collection using traditional lino cutting techniques alongside monoprints and watercolours. Inspired by the block prints of William Morris, Fiona’s contemporary handwriting ensures that the wallpapers are perfect for modern homes. Her eco-friendly designer wallpapers depict the British coast and countryside from rockpools to wisteria, cow parsley and idyllic summer meadows. The colour palette includes subtle shades for a nursery through to flamboyant tones for statement walls. Join me as I find out more about Fiona Howard, the Sussex wallpaper designer and her lino print wallpapers.

fiona howard henley grass wallpaper

Henley Wallpaper in Grass

Meet Wallpaper Designer Fiona Howard

Fiona tells me about her experience before starting her wallpaper business. “I studied Printed Textiles (BA Hons) at Middlesex University over 30 years ago. Afterwards, I, worked with a London based design agent for a decade to sell my textile designs worldwide. Following that, I started designing from my studio at home and visiting clients from London to Paris and New York. I have always been a freelancer as it gave me the freedom to establish a good relationship with my clients, and I could also be creative without any boundaries.”

fiona howard in her studio

Fiona Howard, British Wallpaper Designer

Designing her wallpaper collection was inevitable for Fiona, she explains further, “from as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to create. I would spend hours in the garden drawing with my grandmother, something which I still do today. Arriving at Art College, I was in absolute heaven! From then on, I designed patterns for companies such as the ‘Dandelion Clocks’ for Sanderson’s. Starting my own business was a natural progression. I knew that I would put my name to a collection one day, which I did a couple of years ago. After building up a reputable design portfolio, I was in a good position to create my brand without any financial assistance. My studio is based on the Sussex coast just meters from the sea, which is wonderful, and this location is a source of endless inspiration for my work.”

fiona howard sky harbour wallpaper

Harbour Wallpaper in Sky

Aside from creating all the wallpaper designs, Fiona manages her entire business. She does have help from her husband, she reveals, “Simon helps hugely with everything from hanging wallpaper for photoshoots to lending me the expertise of his graphic designer for advertising. I also use an area of his warehouse for my wallpaper stock. We have known each other since we were 17 and are a pretty good team, sharing ideas for both our businesses.”

The Fiona Howard Designer Wallpaper Collection

Fiona tells me more about her wallpaper collection. “I design wallpapers the traditional way. Each one is based on my sketches of British nature, flora, the countryside and coast. I then translate these into flowing, repeating designs which I hand carve into lino and carefully handprint. My style is influenced by many things, including the block prints of William Morris, and the craftspeople of Jaipur, but with my unique contemporary handwriting. My colours range from sweet, pale and subtle enough for a nursery, to amazing, luxurious wallpapers and gorgeous statements for a hallway or downstairs loo.”

fiona howard lino print wallpaper carving block

Lino Carving Technique

Fiona tells me about her Rockpools Wallpaper Collection. “Rockpools is inspired by gazing at crabs, chalky pebbles, shells and floaty seaweed in sunlit rockpools on the beach by our house. This design relives a sparkly summer afternoon and looks fabulous in a bathroom.”

fiona howard blue rockpools wallpaper

Rockpools Wallpaper in Blue

Her pretty Wisteria Wallpaper is a delight, Fiona says, “it is a sophisticated pattern of delicate flowers hanging pendulously against a leafy trellis. This wallpaper has been very popular for hallways and bedrooms but would work almost anywhere as a feature wall or a whole room.”

fional howard duck egg wisteria wallpaper

Wisteria Wallpaper in Duck Egg

During the summer Covid lockdown Fiona created Summer Meadow, she tells me about her inspiration. “The untidy verges of wildflowers and weeds inspired this design. We all started to notice and celebrate everything in nature and realise that a bit of untidiness in our gardens. It helps the wildlife, insects, butterflies and bees to flourish, pollinating our flowers and creating a beautiful natural tapestry.”

fiona howard marine summer meadow wallpaper

Summer Meadow Wallpaper in Marine

Buy The Fiona Howard British Wallpaper Designs

fiona howard charcoal imogen wallpaper

Imogen Wallpaper in Charcoal

If you love these wonderful wallpaper designs, you can buy them from the Fiona Howard website. A roll of wallpaper is 10m long and 52cm wide, which costs £69. The wallpapers are made from robust and eco-friendly paper printed in the UK using environmentally friendly inks. For every roll of wallpaper sold a tree is planted in conjunction with ‘One Tree Planted’. It is essential to Fiona that she gives back to the Planet, even if in a small way. The wallpapers are applied by pasting the wall, which makes them super easy to hang. I hope you enjoy looking at Fiona’s wallpaper designs as much as I did, they are so beautiful.

Author: Homegirl London. The photographs are from Fiona Howard. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.