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Forest Bathing Nature Therapy Trend

Forest Bathing Trend: The big lifestyle trend for 2020 is Forest Bathing, the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku. The idea is that if you connect with nature by taking a walk in the forest, where you can be mindful without the distractions of daily life. Deep breathing to inhale the fresh air, hugging a tree and kicking tree leaves all play a part in helping you to unwind and relax. You can introduce this nature therapy into your life even if you live in the city; read on to discover how this Forest Bathing Trend is accessible to urban dwellers.

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Ten London Places For Forest Bathing

Living in an urban city like London can take its toll at times. The daily commuting, heavy workload, effects of pollution, and juggling a hectic socialising schedule. An easy way to connect with nature is by walking in a forest or woods at the weekend. Turn off your mobile phone, fill your backpack with healthy organic snacks and a bottle of water and off you go.

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Parkland Walk

My favourite 10 London forests and woodlands:

1. Epping Forest
2. Hampstead Heath Woods
3. Oxleas Wood
4. Highgate Wood
5. Queens Wood
6. Sydenham Hill Wood
7. Dulwich Wood
8. Wick Woodland
9. Trent Park
10. Parkland Walk (Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace)

There are more places, so do your research and enjoy getting in tune with nature. Take a look at the Woodland Trust Website.

Ten Ways To Introduce Forest Therapy Into Your Life

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Shinrin-Yoku: The Art and Science of Forest Bathing, £4.99 Kindle from Amazon UK

If you can take a weekend walk in a forest that’s great. If not, here are some additional ideas for bringing the forest into your home. From growing forest plants in your garden to pasting up woodland wallpaper, I hope you find something to help you get in tune with nature.

1. Walk in the forest or woods at the weekend
2. Book a holiday to a cabin in the woods
3. Take a forest therapy class or course
4. Listen to woodland and forest sounds
5. Read a forest bathing book
6. Plant forest plants in your garden
7. Fill your home with forest plants
8. Paste a forest mural or wallpaper on your bedroom wall
9. Scent your home with a forest-smelling diffuser or candle
10. Sprinkle forest-smelling salts into your bath

You may be interested in reading about more interior trends and looking at pictures on my interior trends Pinterest Board.

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