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Franco Manca Sourdough Pizza Stoke Newington

My first visit to Franco Manca was last year when I was writing a feature about sourdough pizza. I noticed that a branch had opened up in Stoke Newington so decided to pay a visit and write up a full review. The emphasis for this eatery is very much on their pizza with a couple of starters and a few desserts. It’s a great place to visit if you are looking for pizza in Stoke Newington, restaurants in Stoke Newington and places to eat in North London. Founded initially by Giuseppe Mascoli in Brixton Market during 2008, it is now owned by an investment called Fulham Shore. Today, you can find plenty of Franco Manca branches throughout London.

franco manca sourdough pizza vegetarian special

“Easy to digest and super tasty sourdough pizza is the star attraction, topped off with the best ingredients,” Homegirl London

Franco Manca Sourdough Pizza Menu

Pizza is the star attraction here, with the emphasis on the sourdough base which rises slowly for at least twenty hours. They use soft wheat flour because after the long fermentation the starch turns to noble sugars. This makes it easier to digest because your stomach doesn’t have to work so hard, breaking down gluten or starch. So it’s a night off for your stomach but not your taste buds! The pizza is baked in a wood-burning brick oven. This isn’t any old pizza oven because it has been made by artisans in Naples. This really does get hot which is just as well because the blast cooking, combined with the slow levitation process, makes the crust softer. Because they’ve gone to so much trouble, it would be rude to leave your crust so eat them up!

franco manca sourdough pizza curst

Sourdough Pizza Crust

The ingredients for your toppings are carefully sourced to deliver the best possible flavours. The mozzarella is from Somerset, soft goats cheese from White Lake Dairy and Stilton from Colston Bassett. Cured chorizo comes from Martinez Somalo, La Rioja and the cured meats are from Scorgiano Organic Estate in Tuscany. Other meats are from the Rare Breed Survival Trust in Gloucestershire. The organic tomatoes are from Italy, wild capers from Salina and organic Kalamata olives from Greece.

franco manca starter

Burrata Pugliese Starter

In terms of the pizzas on offer, they have six on the menu and a couple on the specials blackboard. For something simple, try the tomato with garlic and oregano or tomato with mozzarella and basil. Meaty options include the wild broccoli with mozzarella and Gloucester Old Spot hand-sliced sausage which doesn’t have any tomatoes on. A variation is the Gloucester Old Spot with mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, wild mushrooms and some tomatoes. Or you could try the cured organic chorizo with tomato and mozzarella. Fish fans can try anchovies with mozzarella, tomato, garlic, oregano, capers and olives.

franco manca sourdough pizza

Vegetarian Pizza Special

When we visited the meat pizza special featured Gloucester Old Spot pancetta, Franco and Lloyd mozzarella, caramelised red onions, fresh spinach, organic Kalamata black olives and Colston Bassett Stilton. We tried the vegetarian special, which included all the veggie ingredients above. It was delicious and a great combination of flavours. As always, the crust was soft and easy to eat, which is handy when eating pizza! The second time we visited, we enjoyed another vegetarian special with no tomato. This included Franco and Lloyd mozzarella, green beans, roasted pine kernels, watercress pesto and Parmigiano Reggiano flakes, again very good. They also have a couple of salads, a few starters on the blackboard and around three desserts. Drinks-wise you can try one of the organic wines or lemonade, a few beers and a decent tasting coffee.

Franco Manca Interiors

The interiors are airy and spacious inside with a significant open plan ground floor level. In the front portion you have the seating and towards the back is the pizza oven. They also have a few seats downstairs in the basement, which is opened up when the restaurant gets busy. You’ll also find a few tables on the street outside which is quite busy with traffic and people passing by.

franco manca stoke newington interiors

Restaurant Interiors

The décor is contemporary with wooden floors and whitewashed brick walls one side facing naturally distressed brick walls on the other. All the air conditioning pipes are exposed for a light industrial appearance. Overall, a pleasant place to relax and enjoy your pizza.

Franco Manca Information

franco manca, stoke newington, exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Sourdough pizzas
Price: £4.50-6.95 and extra toppings are 50p-£2
Website: Franco Manca
Address: Various restaurants are located throughout London. I visited the new one at 176 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7JL
Near: Stoke Newington Church Street, the closest station is Stoke Newington Overground
Open: Check online for the current opening times
Wi-Fi: Yes
Décor: Contemporary loft style with bare bricks
Seating: Upstairs for around 70 people plus some additional seating downstairs for 20 and a few tables outside on the pavement
Toilets: You’ll find these upstairs towards the back
Reservations: No reservations, turn up, they start getting busy around 12.30

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy for eating out with me, again!