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Getting Ready For My USA Trip With ESTA

My calendar has reminded me that my ESTA Visa for America has just run out. My partner and I usually travel to the USA a couple of times each year to see his family in Chicago. We often tag on a trip to New York first if we have time (and the money). However, with the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we haven’t been anywhere this year. But, being super-organised, I will sort out my ESTA Visa so that I can book my flight as soon as I’m able to do so. In the meantime, I’m going to plan my dream USA trip which will give me something enjoyable to think about while I’m stuck at home. First, I’ll share with you some of my favourite things to do in Chicago and New York because these are two of my favourite cities in the world, apart from London, of course!

esta visa for usa from e visa river boat tour chicago

My Favourite Things To Do In New York and Chicago

As I said, two of my favourite cities in America are New York and Chicago. When we visit New York, some of the things I love to do are …

1. Stay at The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, which is owned by Robert De Nero (we always jest about bumping into him in the lift, or should I say elevator, but this hasn’t happened yet!
2. Eat brunch and drink several cups of coffee at Bubby’s in Tribeca
3. Stroll along the High Line which is a stunning elevated walk on a former railroad
4. Dine at Chelsea Market, the culinary hall in the Meatpacking District
5. Say hello to Libby, that’s the statue of course! I’ve visited Ellis Island several times now and have walked up to the top of the statue before which was tiring but worth it for the view

esta visa for usa from e visa statue of liberty

Chicago has a special place in my heart because it is where my partner’s family live. I’ve visited many times over the years, and we always find something new and exciting to do. Here are five of my favourite things …

1. Hang out in hipster neighbourhoods like Logan Square, Wicker Park or Pilsen
2. Admire the skyscrapers on the Architecture River Cruise
3. Visit Oak Park to look around Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and other houses he designed in the vicinity
4. Discover more about the gangster and mobster past on a Crime Tour
5. Look at my reflection in the Anish Kapoor ‘Bean’ sculpture

esta visa for usa from e visa river boat tour chicago

My Dream USA Trip

If I had an extended vacation, here are five places I’d love to visit …

1. Portland in Oregon for its thriving foodie scene
2. Seattle for the delicious coffee
3. New Orleans for the jazz and blues music
4. Los Angeles for people watching on Venice Beach
5. San Francisco for the glorious Golden Gate Bridge

If you are planning a USA trip, take a look at the Visit the USA Website.

Getting Ready For My USA Trip With ESTA

If like me you are going to planning a trip to America, you’ll need an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). My partner is a dual citizen, so he doesn’t have to apply for an ESTA (lucky him!). Just so you are aware, requirements for the ESTA must be met. Essentially, the ESTA is for anyone who is travelling to America for a holiday, because they are visiting friends or family, having medical treatment or going to a business-related meeting. You will need to have a valid passport, return ticket and be mindful that you can’t stay in the country of more than 90 days.

E-visa is a one-stop website for travel visas which is worth checking out because they make the process super easy. It will take you about five minutes to complete the online form, and it costs £29.95 per person. This is a good value because it lasts for two years. Make sure you sort this out in advance of your travel, and it takes around 72 hours via E-visa, they can turn it around in an hour if you have an urgent request.

Once I’ve sorted out my ESTA, I’ll have to start looking at suitcases because mine broke on my last holiday which was rather annoying! It will probably take me longer to purchase a suitcase than it does the ESTA, which is funny when you think about it! Anyway, my lovelies, I hope you enjoy your trip, wherever you decide to go.

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