gods own junk yard, walthamstow e17

Gods Own Junk Yard Walthamstow E17

If you find yourself in Walthamstow at the weekend, you must seek out Gods Own Junk Yard. This is where to buy, rent or commission vintage neon lights and neon signage. This wonderful warehouse bursts with bright lights, movie memorabilia and outlandish movie props. If you adore anything kitsch, vintage, erotic and awesome, Gods Own Junkyard will be your neon heaven.

gods own junk yard, neon signs

Neon Signage

Gods Own Junk Yard Neon Lighting and Movie Props Stock

This fantastic warehouse is stocked to the rafters with the most spectacular neon lights you have ever seen. This was a lifelong collection from Chris Bracey (RIP), who created these iconic pieces of art for the likes of David la Chapelle and most of the Soho sex shops back in the day. It’s certainly a family passion, with Chris learning the trade from his dad, and now the business is carried on by Chris’s wife Linda and their sons Matt and Marcus.

gods own junk yard, neon lighting

Neon Lights

Just make sure you don’t rock up here after a big night out on the town because you’ll need to wear sunglasses. There are bright lights everywhere in all shapes and sizes with sayings from Love to Wow, Boom, Sex, Amour, Moon Shine, Elvis, Hotel, Motel, Carnival and the list goes on. The collection includes signage and props from Hollywood movie studios, fairgrounds and the circus.

gods own junk yard, props

Props and Neon Lights

Many vintage pieces were thrown out by film studios or businesses in LA or London, which have been restored and brought back to their former glory. Other neon pieces are new or made to order, which can fulfil any neon signwriting cravings you have. As you browse around, you’ll undoubtedly want to buy most of what you see and wish that you lived in a large loft apartment to house it all. It’s such a wonderful warehouse which is akin to a museum where the entrance is free!

Gods Own Junk Yard Warehouse Interiors

This showroom is set inside a large industrial unit, so it is a vast space. Outside you are immediately intrigued when you see the giant coffee cup and the brightly painted cow. Inside you are greeted with neon signage hanging from the rafters, secured to the walls and situated on the floor. You are not quite sure where to look, and adjusting to the glaring brightness takes a while. There are quirky little displays dotted around, like the shed dedicated to the sex club neon called the Erotic Show. You’ll see a giant Jesus holding a gun in each hand, surrounded by smutty signage.

gods own junk yard, erotic show shed

Something Interesting In A Shed!

To one side, you will find the Rolling Scones Café. I love the cheesy pun on the Rolling Stones, clever! Guess what, they do serve scones and a great cup of tea, and they even have a licensed bar. You can enjoy your scones at one of the tables in the café area, in front of the building or out the back in a great garden. The garden is very rustic, with a little shed and an upcycled water feature made from oil drums. You’ll find giant brightly painted toadstools, fairy lights and cute tables and chairs dotted around. It’s a magical space in the heart of an industrial estate.

gods own junk yard, back garden

Idyllic Backyard

Gods Own Junk Yard Walthamstow London E17 Information

gods own junk yard, exterior

Warehouse Exterior

You can visit the Gods Own Junk Yard Website to learn more about the stock. The warehouse is open at the weekend. Friday to Sunday from 11 am until 9 pm. You will find them located at Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, London E17 9HQ. The nearest transport hub is Walthamstow Central, where you will find an Underground Station with the Victoria Line tube and also an Overground Station. See walking directions below.

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Exit the station where you will find Hoe Street, and cross over to St Mary Road, which takes you to the Church Path and then Church Lane. Opposite St Mary’s Church is the ancient timber house; cross over the road and walk past the house into Orford Road. You will find Summit Road on your left past The Nag’s Head Pub. Walk to the end, and there is a gate which takes you into the industrial estate; you will find the warehouse in front of you. For more information on the vicinity, read my Walthamstow area guide

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy, for visiting the warehouse with me.