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Gorgeous Glass Fronted Display Cabinets

Finds Edit: Display Cabinets. If you want to showcase decorative objects without having to dust them, these Display Cabinets are perfect. With door glass door fronts, you can view your prized processions without having to clean them. These tall storage units can be placed in your living room, dining room or even the bathroom. I’ve selected mostly industrial-style cabinets with metal frames. Take a look at my edit and see if anything catches your eye.

Display Cabinets Edit

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Display Cabinets Edit

Eklund Black Cabinet: Solid black oak cabinet with metal frame and delicate legs. The two tempered glass doors open with three shelves inside for displaying your objects. £2070 from Lombok.

Vaughan Glass Fronted Cabinet: Made from black-finished mango wood with iron legs. The six separate doors open up so you can place your crockery or books on the three shelves. £717 from Graham & Green (product code ATM3047).

Riviera Maison Hoxton Cabinet: Reclaimed ash is used to create this vintage industrial-style cabinet. It features two black metal sliding doors with glass fronts. Inside it has been fitted with five shelves and two drawers. £2499 from Houseology (product code: RN0466).

Tiko Iron and Glass Tall Cabinet: Grey metal cabinet frame with three sides of glass. Inside you have three shelves. Love the door handles and cabinet legs. £795 from Nkuku (product code: TC3301).

Ronja Industrial Metal Display Cabinet: Metal frame with two glass front doors and locker-style detailing. You can display your treasures on the top two shelves and hide clutter from view at the bottom. £439 (sale price) from Woood at Cuckooland (product code: 54619).

Puristic Metal Display Cabinet: Metal cabinet with glass doors and three internal shelves. This has an industrial style, and the good news is that it arrives ready assembled. £299 (seconds clearance price) from Be Pure Home at Cuckooland (product code: 58076).

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