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Gorgeous Green Paint Colour Trend 2020

Trends Edit: Green Paint Colour Trend 2020. It has to be green if you’re deliberating over which interior paint colours to roll on your walls next year. Paint brands are bringing us a touch of nature with green hues ranging from pastel Neo Mint to subtle hues of Tranquil Dawn, bottle green Adeline and heritage dark green shades like Angelica. I’ve selected five green tones to showcase the Green Paint Colour Trend 2020.

green paint colour trend 2020, back to nature by behr2

Behr: Back to Nature Green Paint

5 Green Paint Colours for 2020

1. Tranquil Dawn is a serene green, blue, grey hue by Dulux

2. Back to Nature is a natural restorative and revitalising colour by Behr

3. Neo Mint is a refreshing pastel green pinpointed by WGSN

4. Adeline is a beautiful bottle green by Graham and Brown

5. Angelica is a dark heritage Art Deco green by Craig and Rose

As we enter a new decade and technology becomes integrated into our daily lives, it’s time to turn back to nature for comfort. The colour green has many positive connotations; nature, energy, harmony, freshness and renewal. It’s no wonder we need to connect with this gorgeous colour and bring it from outside into our homes.

Green Paint Colour Trend 2020 Top Shades

Tranquil Dawn: The Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn. This colour signifies the kick start to a new decade. Tranquil Dawn is a colour which sits in between green, blue and grey. This greenish shade works well with warm, soft, neutral and colourful palettes, so it’s versatile. As we move into the new decade, we are looking for kindness and meaning in our fast-paced and hyper-digital world, and Tranquil Dawn may help you relax and escape for a moment or two.

green paint colour trend 2020 tranquil dawn dulux

Dulux: Tranquil Dawn Green Paint

Back to Nature: The Behr Colour of the Year 2020 is Back to Nature S340-4. This is a restorative and revitalising colour. The full-colour palette for 2020 is inspired by nature and key elements such as plants, earth, water and the sky. You’ll find another green called Secret Meadow, which is a darker and muddier tone. Behr Paint is known for its architectural paint and exterior wood care products, which you can buy at Home Depot in America.

green paint colour trend 2020, back to nature by behr1

Behr: Back to Nature Green Paint

Neo Mint: The WGSN Colour of the Year 2020 is Neo Mint. I love this colour which is a refreshing pastel minty green. It has been selected to represent the harmony between science, technology and nature. It works well in office spaces and homes and brings a sense of calm with a zing of energy with it. You can introduce a few Neo Mint home accessories to brighten up your place if you have whitewashed walls. WGSN is a trend forecasting company.

green paint colour trend 2020, neo mint

WGSN: Neo Mint Green Paint

Adeline: The Graham and Brown Colour of the Year 2020 is Adeline. This vibrant bottle green works well with their Wallpaper of the Year, the Bloomsbury Neo Mint. The wallpaper pattern features florals with butterflies for a serene wall covering in a delicious minty shade. It’s a homage to the Bloomsbury Group, who were the bohemian intellectuals of the Victorian era.

green paint colour trend 2020, adeline graham and brown

Graham and Brown: Adeline Green Paint

Angelica: Craig and Rose are showcasing this deep and very intense dark green, a popular Art Deco colour from the 1829 collection. Craig and Rose are a manufacturer of premium paints. They combine heritage with current trends to ensure their period colours are up to date.

green paint colour trend 2020, angelica craig and rose

Craig and Rose: Angelica Green Paint

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