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Half Day Lee Valley Regional Park Walk

Out of London Walk: Lee Valley Regional Park Walk. I went on a very long walk last week with a friend of mine. We started at Roydon in Essex and ended up at Waltham Cross passing through the massive Lee Valley Park on the way. It was a lovely sunny day and we felt extremely relaxed getting out of London for an afternoon. If you’re looking for free things to do at the weekend or a walk outside of London, join me on my Lee Valley Regional Park Walk.

lee valley regional park walk, water and scenery

Beautiful Scenery

Start at Roydon for your Lee Valley Regional Park Walk

We enjoyed lunch in Finsbury Park which gave us enough energy to begin the walk. We took the Victoria line from Finsbury Park to Tottenham Hale and the train to Roydon in Essex. The fast train takes 17 minutes and the slow train takes 30 minutes.

lee valley regional park walk route

Our Walking Route

It’s best to plot your walking route using Google Maps and make sure your mobile phone is fully charged so you can follow your chosen route. There are a few variations for this walk so it doesn’t really matter which option you take, just as long as you find your way home at the end. We took the 12.40 pm train to Roydon and ended the walk around 6 pm. It took us a long time because we were dawdling and I was taking lots of pictures. We finished our walk before it started to get dark which is wise. The map says the walk will take just under three hours but if you stop off for food and a toilet break it will be longer.

lee valley regional park walk, river stort canal boats

Canal Boats, Roydon Marina, River Stort

I digress, let’s get back to this walk. Out of Roydon station and across the train tracks in the direction of Roydon Marina Village. Here you will be walking along next to the River Stort which is lined with barges so it’s very idyllic. Continue walking beside the River Stort until you come across Glen Faba which is an area of water on your left, the River Lee Navigation will now be on your right. Continue to Dobbs Weir then to Nazeing.

Lee Valley Regional Park Walk Refreshment and Toilet Break

Just past Nazeing New Road, you reach The Crown Pub which is perfect if you want to stop for a pint and a bite to eat. The address is Old Nazeing Road, Nazeing, Broxbourne EN10 6QT. Alternatively, you can try the Old Mill Retreat Café which sells snacks and refreshments. The Café address is Mill Lane, Broxbourne EN10 7AX.

lee valley regional park walk, st augustine church

St Augustine Church

Walk past the café and you will find the toilets. The Lee Valley Boat Centre is situated here. Also of interest is the ruins of Broxbourne Mill which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book We saw a church spire in the distance so walked round to look at St Augustine which was very pretty and faces a village green. The Broxbourne Train station is also close by.

Lee Valley Regional Park Walk Last Leg

After refreshments get back on the route. On this part, you will be walking in the Lee Valley Regional Park which is lovely with stunning scenery. Head towards Holyfield Lake and past the Small River Lee / Lea. Past Chestnut Lake, then Royal Gunpowder Mills and the Whitewater Raft Centre and you are out of the park. Then you head towards Waltham Cross which is the nearest train station. If you just want to visit the Park you can get the train to Broxbourne Train station instead and miss out the first part of the walk.

lee valley regional park walk, plylons and water

Beautiful Scenery and Pylons

This walk is very scenic and you pass by canals, locks, rivers, lakes, rolling fields, woodlands and pylons. You will see a variety of birds, swans, ducks and woodland wildlife on route. There were quite a few people fishing and if you want to do this you’ll need a permit. If you’re keen on sporting activities, this park has plenty to satisfy everyone from white water rafting to canoeing. The Park is also part of the National Cycle Network (South). To find out more visit the Lee Valley Regional Park Website.

lee valley regional park walk, water and ducks

Beautiful Scenery and Swans

This walk is perfect for anyone who wants to escape from London for half a day. I racked up around 25,000 steps on this walk. My feet really ached at the end and I wanted a foot rub, but no one was offering. We visited the local chippie on the way home as a reward. Although I was tired (I went to bed at 9.30 pm) I really enjoyed the entire afternoon and the chips!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Rich for planning the route and inviting me on his walk.