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Helpful Guide To Selecting Kitchen Worktops

Finds Edit: Kitchen Worktops. If you’re planning to install a new kitchen, you might wonder which work surface to choose. I’ve created a Helpful Guide To Selecting Kitchen Worktops to make this task a little easier. These Kitchen Worktops are all available from Worktop Express and stock a wide selection to suit any style of kitchen.

Very Helpful Guide To Selecting Kitchen Worktops

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Concrete Effect Worktops: Fans of industrial interiors will be beside themselves when they see the gorgeous grey concrete effect kitchen laminate and solid laminate worktops. The concrete effect choice is light grey or dark grey with a matt finish to replicate real concrete at a fraction of the price. Pair this concrete effect worktop with a minimalist white handless, simple grey or black colour cabinets, faux metal or reclaimed wood units.

Marble Effect Worktops: The real marble product is costly and challenging to keep clean, but a laminate version gives you a luxury look without the expense and the hassle. The Worktop Express White Marble Calcutta product is a popular choice made from cutting-edge AEON™, an enhanced performance laminate that is scuff, scratch and wear-resistant. Pair a grey or cream marble effect worktop with a shaker-style kitchen in teal or charcoal, grey or natural painted classic style cabinets or white contemporary design.

helpful guide to selecting kitchen worktops, marble effect

Marble Effect Kitchen Worktops

Sparkle Worktops: If you want a glamorous kitchen, you might want to consider a sparkle or glitter work surface. The selection at Worktop Express is in a choice of black, white, grey, blue or red. Match a sparkle worktop with contemporary white, black or grey cabinets, which can be either a gloss or matt finish.

Slate Effect Worktops: Real slate can be expensive and hard to clean, so the slate effect is a popular solution. Luna Nero is a gorgeous grey slate laminate work surface from Worktop Express. This product has the appearance of natural slate but is low maintenance. Combine a slate-style surface with rustic units, wooden cabinets or a shaker design kitchen.

Oak Worktops: Natural oak is a beautiful work surface with character and charm. The material will mature and darken over time which enhances its appearance. Choose a smooth untreated surface that allows you to finish it as you wish. Team your oak work surface with a shaker-style kitchen in a muted palette, country-style cream cabinets or dark contemporary units. If you love the simplicity of Scandinavian interiors, you might want to choose a light wood worktop like Birch or Maple. Darker wood such as the bronze-toned Iroko, Black Oak and Wenge is also available.

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Solid Oak Kitchen Worktops

If you’re interested in kitchen worktops, look at the Worktop Express Website. They stock Solid Wood Worktops, Laminate Worktops and Solid Laminate Worktops, which are long-lasting and cost-effective. Styles include Granite, Quartz, Marble, Concrete, Stone, Glass, Slate, Earthstone, Sparkle, Real Wood and Wood Effect, plus more. With so much choice, you can find a fantastic work surface to suit your budget and kitchen design. Good luck with your new kitchen!

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