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Highbury Islington London N5 Helpful Area Guide

My guide to Highbury, Islington, London N5, offers an overview of the best things to do in the area. Nestled in North London, Highbury boasts the glorious green Highbury Fields, conveniently located near Highbury and Islington Station. Other places to check out are St Paul’s Road for delightful dining spots, while Highbury Park hosts an array of exquisite speciality food stores and premier restaurants. Though Highbury might not be on everyone’s radar, unless you’re an Arsenal Football Club enthusiast or just passing by, this guide will illuminate the best of what Highbury offers, from attractions to shops and restaurants.

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Best Things To Do In Highbury

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Even if you’re not a football fan, catching a live Arsenal football match at Emirates Stadium is an experience. Situated in Drayton Park, it boasts a seating capacity of over 60,000, making it the UK’s third-largest football stadium after Wembley and Old Trafford. There’s an insightful museum about the club’s legacy and behind-the-scenes stadium tours. Easily reachable, the primary station is Drayton Park, though Arsenal Tube Station, Highbury and Islington, and Holloway are viable walking options.

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The site of the old stadium, now nestled amid terraced homes, has been transformed into the charming Highbury Square apartments. The former football pitch has become a communal garden. Paying homage to Arsenal’s heritage, the red and white colour theme is prevalent throughout.

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Just opposite the Highbury and Islington station lies the serene Highbury Fields. A green expanse equipped with a playground, tennis and netball courts, and the Highbury Fields Leisure Centre featuring a gym and pool. Incredibly picturesque in summer, the elegant houses facing the fields are worth a leisurely gaze. While here, don’t miss the Boer War Memorial near the Leisure Centre. Enjoy tea and cake at the Oasis Café, where you’ll be surrounded by the lush landscape.

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As you continue past Highbury Fields, the scenic Christ Church Highbury awaits, complete with the Vent Coffee Co in the church Community Centre, giving it a tranquil village-like vibe.

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Directly opposite the church stands a remarkable clock tower, commemorating Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee from 1897.

Best Places To Shop In Highbury

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Venturing beyond Highbury Fields leads you to a charming foodie haven at Highbury Park. Cheese enthusiasts can indulge their tastes at La Fromagerie, 30 Highbury Park. Those with a penchant for organic meat can head to Godfrey at 7 Highbury Park. Seafood enthusiasts shouldn’t miss The Highbury Fishmongers at 13 Highbury Park. If Italian cuisine is your thing, Da Mario’s delicacies at 34 Highbury Park await you. Furthermore, the organic fruit and veggies at Seasons and Blossoms, 92 Highbury Park or the independent food producers stocked at Nourished Communities on 183 Blackstock Rd will tantalise the taste buds.

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Highbury offers a delightful array of bookshops for those who enjoy the written word. Ink@84 on 84 Highbury Park boasts an extensive book collection. For a combined experience of literary events paired with wine, the BookBar on 166 Blackstock Road is the place to be. If second-hand books with a story of their appeal to you, the House of Hodge on 174 Blackstock Road should be on your list.

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Your shopping journey in Highbury won’t be complete without a visit to the Clarissa Hulse shop on 29 Corsica Street, which offers everything from cushions to chic home accessories. If interior decor is what you seek, Revell Lloyd on 240 St. Pauls Road is a one-stop shop for everything from wallpapers to furniture. For a touch of Egyptian and North African craftsmanship, Louis Farouk at 113 Highbury Park offers a vibrant range of textiles, jewellery and homewares. Lastly, for those who value the beauty of reclaimed wood, Gathering Moss on 193 Blackstock Road is a must-visit for rustic furniture and more.

Best Places To Eat In Highbury

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Highbury hosts some of my favourite dining spots. At 300-302 St. Paul’s Road, Trullo offers impeccable, simple yet seasonal dishes. On 170 Blackstock Road, Little Sardegna exudes romance while celebrating Sardinian flavours. Venture to 82 Highbury Park, and Ninh’s will captivate you with its aromatic Vietnamese favourites, including the classic Pho. Farang, the brainchild of Sebby Holmes at 72 Highbury Park, has clinched awards for its tantalising Thai dishes. A visit to Iznik at 19 Highbury Park promises a Turkish feast. For those keen on an exclusive dining experience, Canto 73 on 73 Highbury Park hosts supper clubs on Fridays and Saturdays. Top Cuvée is an excellent place to share small plates on Mountgrove Road.

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Casual dining shines equally bright in Highbury. Sawyer and Gray are go-to brunch spots at 290 St. Paul’s Road, Frank’s Canteen, and Humdingers, both gracing Highbury Park. Over at 184 Blackstock Road, Beam brings Middle Eastern flavourites to their menu.

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When cravings sway towards the sweeter side, Highness at 21a Highbury Park tempts with its teas and cakes, while Profile at 1b Highbury Park has the best coffee paired with pastries. For fresh juice and treats, head to Cinnamon Village on 162 Blackstock Road, whereas Finks Salt and Sweet on 70 Mountgrove Road offers the perfect grab-and-go with its coffee, sandwiches and cakes.

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Evenings in Highbury are best spent socialising over drinks. Giacco’s on 176 Blackstock Road is a wine lover’s paradise paired with cheese and charcuterie. Other places for wine include Top Cuvée and Shop Cuvée on Blackstock Road. For those who prefer the open air, The Alwyne Castle on 83 St Paul’s Road offers an alfresco dining experience for the entire family. The Highbury Barn Tavern at 26 Highbury Park is about quintessential British comfort food.

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Helpful Information About Highbury

Highbury, situated in North London, is surrounded by greenery and neighbouring areas like Finsbury Park, Holloway, Islington, Canonbury, Newington Green, Stoke Newington and Barnsbury. It’s conveniently reachable via Highbury and Islington Station, Arsenal, or Finsbury Park. A recommended journey would be to start at Highbury and Islington Station, stroll through Highbury Fields, and walk down Highbury Park Road on the left. When you reach Blackstock Road, cross it and explore Mountgrove Road, where establishments like Tiny Hair and Beauty, Finks Salt and Sweet, and other shops await. Afterwards, walk on the opposite side of Highbury Park, detour onto St Paul’s Road, and circle back to Highbury and Islington Station. To delve into its rich history, check out the Highbury page on Wikipedia.

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Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Please check that the places I referenced in this article are still in business before you visit to avoid disappointment.