Jessica Zoob wallpaper

Jessica Zoob makes home decoration impression

Homegirl London pays homage to Jessica Zoob.  Jessica is a contemporary artist creating spontaneous impressionist style art in oils and acrylics.  Her magical and utterly intriguing work has recently been applied to a home decoration collection of textiles, wallpaper and cushions in collaboration with Romo Black Edition.  I caught up with Jessica to find out more.

Jessica Zoob, Fabric

Romo Black Edition, Fabric

Meet Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob took her foundation at Central School of Art and then a Degree in Theatre Design at Nottingham University.  She’s now following her dreams as a full-time artist.  “I’m able to get up every day and spend my time doing the thing I most love to do.  It may be incredibly challenging sometimes but I find it astonishingly exciting and always fascinating.”

Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob

Jessica’s fine art paintings are built up with layers of oils, then scraped back and re applied with many layers of glazes, this process can often take years.  Her painting style has often been described as ‘Contemporary Impressionism’ – “I think that is quite a helpful description although it only reflects a part of what I do.  I’m really much less figurative than the Impressionists although I do love their work.”

Jessica Zoob, midsummer dreaming

Midsummer Dreaming Painting

Nature and landscapes provide much inspiration for Jessica – “I’m inspired by so many things – beautiful wild landscapes, sea and sky, the gentle misty Sussex Downs and chalk cliffs, flowers, especially water lilies, crumbling plaster walls, faded paint, oil on a puddle, butterfly wings, the list is endless!  There is so much beauty everywhere and I try to capture it to create works of art which will engage the viewer’s imagination and lift their spirits.

Jessica Zoob, Quiet Smile

Quiet Smile Painting

Jessica is fascinated with water – “Still water and reflections, or wild water or the sea.  I absolutely love the magical ever changing nature of it and often strive to capture that in my paintings.”

Jessica Zoob, Deep Water

Deep Water Painting

The most recent painting collection is called Dancing with Colour – “This was essentially a playful collection exploring the joy of working very freely and spontaneously with wild colours.  A good example of this would be Reckless.  It also had very personal deeply felt pieces for example Triumphant, which was about overcoming adversity and climbing mountains.”

Jessica Zoob, Reckless Painting

Reckless Painting

Jessica Zoob, Triumphant Painting

Triumphant Painting

View the Jessica Zoob Collection

What’s great about Jessica’s style is that it transfers beautifully to fabrics, wall coverings and cushions.  “The collaboration with Romo Black Edition includes wall coverings and textiles featuring six of my paintings with further works translated into a range of cushions.  This was achieved by state of the art digital printing which brought the paintings to life on pure linen and soft cotton velvet which really does capture the individual brush strokes and layers of paint to add depth and intrigue.  I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with Romo as the finished products are truly beautiful.”

Jessica Zoob, Fabric and Wallpaper

Romo Black Edition, Fabric and Wallpaper

Jessica Zoob, Cushions

Romo Black Edition, Cushions

Buy Jessica Zoob Products

To find out more about Jessica and to buy her paintings go to Jessica Zoob.  Price guide: original miniatures start at £225.  For larger paintings contact Jessica by calling 07966 572204.  Jessica also offers a bespoke service.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Jessica Zoob and Romo Black Edition.  Thanks: Jessica Zoob and James Eden.