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Jinjuu Korean Restaurant Soho Set Lunch Menu

Homegirl London’s Food Review: Jinjuu Korean Restaurant Soho. With celebrity chef, Judy Joo in charge you will experience Korean street food with a contemporary twist. The exciting menu features Anju (food to eat while you drink) and Ssam sharing platters. They are famous for Korean Fried Chicken and don’t forget the Kimchi Fries! If you’re looking for places to eat in Soho, best restaurants near Carnaby Street or Korean restaurants in London, you must try the Jinjuu Korean Restaurant Soho.

jinjuu korean restaurant soho set lunch menu

“Delicious and inventive contemporary Korean street food menu from celebrity chef Judy Joo,” Homegirl London

Jinjuu Korean Restaurant Soho Set Lunch Menu

We visited Jinjuu last Friday to sample the set lunch menu, and it was delicious. Expect to be treated to some fantastic modern Korean food by celebrity chef Judy Joo. Our dishes included the Korean Fried Cauliflower, which was outstanding. I made so many positive noises while eating these fabulously fried florets. I’m still thinking about them now!

jinjuu korean restaurant soho cauliflower


The Mini Bibimbap was too cute. You get a stone bowl (which is very hot so don’t touch it) filled with white rice and neatly chopped seasonal veg. When you get a full-size bowl, it usually has a fried egg on top. This petite version had a quail’s egg instead. See, I told you it was cute! You mix in the accompanying sauce which sizzles, and you’re good to go.

jinjuu korean restaurant soho vegetarian bibimbap

Mini Bibimbap

Homeboy tucked into a Tuna Taco. This featured sustainable Atlantic tuna, which was served raw. With chopped gem lettuce, mustard vinaigrette and a jalapeno and yuja (citrus fruit) mayo, he was in heaven. If you like meat, you can try the Pork and Kimchi Hot Pot which is slow-cooked English pork belly stewed with homemade kimchi, tofu and spring onions over steamed rice. Or perhaps you might want the Mandoo Trio which is a Philly cheesesteak selection (beef, pork and vegetarian).

jinjuu korean restaurant soho tuna taco

Tuna Taco

You have to try the Kimchi Fries, which are very good. These are French fries with a cheddar cheese topping plus pickled jalapenos. These will pair nicely with the Gochujang Chicken Wing Skewers!

jinjuu korean restaurant soho kimchi fries

Kimchi Fries

To offset the fries, we also added the Superfoods Chopped Salad. The salad included gem lettuce, avocado, kale, toasted seeds, edamame beans, cucumber, spring onions and Korean pear. With a citrus and chilli dressing, it was delightful.

jinjuu korean restaurant soho superfood salad

Superfoods Chopped Salad

The dessert selection included a brownie with hazelnuts and gochugaru chilli spice and miso ice cream. Or you can try three scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone. We went for the Yuja Cheesecake, which was light and very satisfying, a great end to a brilliant meal. The set menu prices are two dishes for £12, three dishes for £16.95 or four dishes for £22.

jinjuu korean restaurant soho cheesecake

Yuja Cheesecake

The lunch drinks menu had some lovely concoctions. We ordered a Matcha and Manuka Honey Ice Tea and the Honey with Red Ginseng. Detox cocktails included a Virgin Kimchi Mary. Korean soft drinks with quirky names sounded tempting like Sac Sac Orange and Bong Bong Grape. Korean Teas are also available.

Jinjuu Korean Restaurant Soho Interiors

jinjuu korean restaurant soho inside

Restaurant Interior

The Soho restaurant is situated on Kingly Street, which is pedestrianised. You will find several tables outside on the pavement. Venture inside, and the ground floor has a bar vibe which offers a casual dining experience. There is a mix of seating from high tables with stools to more intimate arrangements. The décor is light industrial featuring corrugated metal, scaffold metal posts and bare bulb lights. Downstairs in the basement dining room, you will discover an open kitchen and Korean graffiti. The toilets are papered with imagery of Korean celebrity boy bands which you can admire later!

Jinjuu Korean Restaurant Soho Information

To find out more about the restaurant, go to the Jinjuu London Soho Website. The restaurant address is 15 Kingly Street, London W1B 5PS (they also have a branch in Mayfair and Korea). The nearest tube stations are Oxford Circus and Regent Street. Check online for the current opening times for this restaurant. Sometimes they have a DJ from 9.30 pm. It’s best to reserve a table as this seems to be a very popular restaurant. I loved it; I hope you will!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Food pictures by Homegirl London, interiors photographs from Jinjuu website. Thanks: Homeboy for joining me.