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Katsute 100 Japanese Tea Room Islington London N1

Located on Islington High Street, just before Camden Passage, Katsute 100 is a delightful Japanese Tea Room offering a cosy and serene atmosphere. Whether searching for a relaxing tea experience, delectable cakes, or a meeting place near Camden Passage, Katsute 100 is sure to please. Step into this charming cafe and peruse its extensive Japanese teas and mouthwatering cake menu.

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“Escape from the bustling Upper Street, offering a calm and zen tea room, as well as a picturesque back garden where you can savour your tea infusion and indulge in delightful sweet treats,” Homegirl London.

Katsute 100 Japanese Tea and Cake Menu

At Katsute 100, the tea selection is carefully curated to meet the highest standards of flavour and subtlety. All their products are sourced directly from small artisan producers in Japan, making them rare in the UK. You’ll discover traditional-style high-quality loose-leaf teas, aromatic flavoured teas, and unique infusions you may not have encountered before. Many of these teas are also available, allowing you to bring the exquisite flavours home. Try their Gyokuro, Kabusecha, Organic Asanoka Sencha, or Genmaicha.

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Their Japanese Infusions combine tea with various flowers or fruits, using sencha, hojicha, or black tea as a base, depending on how well it harmonizes with the added flavours. I enjoyed the refreshing Lychee Black Tea over ice on a hot day during my first visit. The bright and refreshing taste of lychee blended perfectly with the traditional black tea, creating an aromatic infusion.

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During my second visit, I had the pleasure of trying the Rose Hojicha. This delicious blend features Katsute’s organic hojicha with a hint of sweet notes, beautifully complemented by the fragrance of red rose petals. Its low caffeine content makes it an ideal choice for an evening tea. Katsute 100 also offers a selection of healthy teas, including Kuromame Cha, which is believed to help lower cholesterol. Additionally, they serve Matcha and Houjicha Lattes, Matcha Affogato and Matcha Hot Chocolate.

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The desserts at Katsute 100 combine Japanese flavours like matcha and yuzu with traditional European styles currently coveted in Japan. Indulge in their exquisite Matcha Crepe Cake, which boasts a gorgeous green colour and a distinctive taste (though be prepared to dust yourself in matcha powder while enjoying it). Another tempting option is the Matcha Basque Cheese Cake. They also offer Strawberry Shortcake, Montblanc Tart and Black Sesame Souffle Cheesecake as whole cakes or individual slices. For a more petite treat, the Yuzu Fancier is a perfect choice.

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Helpful Information About Katsute 100 Islington

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To learn more about Katsute 100, visit their website. You can find them at 100 Islington High Street, London N1 8EG, just a short walk from Angel station. They are open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 8 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 8 pm.

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The interiors are cosy and calm. As you enter, you’ll find seating by the window. The serving counter is in the middle of the space, where you can order beverages and sweet treats. Towards the back is more seating and a view of the idyllic garden. The interiors are reminiscent of Japanese tea rooms, making it an enjoyable place to escape the busy Islington streets.

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