lantana cafe, city road shoreditch

Lantana Cafe City Road Shoreditch

Lantana Cafe is a brilliant brunch come lunch eatery located in Shoreditch, with additional branches in London. Owned by three Australians, the name Lantana is taken from an iconic flowering plant transported from South Africa to Australia. This plant thrived on foreign soil, just as these three Australians have done so in London. Their awesome brunch menu includes corn fritters and courgette bread along with the opportunity to build your breakfast. For lunch, you can experience global food fusions so expect pork burgers with kimchi aioli and mango salsa. You’ll undoubtedly find something delicious to tempt your taste buds here. If you’re searching for best brunch in Shoreditch, places to eat near Old Street or City Road restaurants, do give Lantana Cafe a try.

lantana cafe courgette bread and halloumi

“Brilliant brunch hang out serving Australian and globally influenced dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients to tempt your taste buds,” Homegirl London

Lantana Cafe Menu

The seasonal changing menu features plenty of fresh ingredients with Australian and global food influences. During the week breakfast come brunch is served from 8 am until 11.40 am, and at the weekend it is 9 am until 3 pm. You can order a light bite of sourdough with preserves or vegemite. For the virtuous, it’s Bircher or toasted muesli with fruit. For those wanting the Australian experience try the banana bread served with cinnamon ricotta, berries and toppings of butterscotch and pistachio. If you have a sweet tooth go for the French toast on sourdough with grilled banana (in its skin), maple syrup and toasted pecans to which you can add streaky bacon. I enjoyed the French toast, which was excellent and just loved the crunchy caramelised pecans.

lantana cafe french toast

Sourdough French Toast, Grilled Banana, Maple Syrup and Toasted Pecans

Fish fans can enjoy kedgeree with brown rice and hot smoked salmon. Meat lovers can try the English muffin with a sausage patty, bacon, fried egg and hollandaise butter. If you’re very picky, you can always build your breakfast from the sides which include black pudding, streaky bacon, chorizo sausage, pork and leek sausage and house-cured salmon. There are plenty of veggie options on the list which include spinach, slow roast tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms, grilled halloumi, smoky beans and more.

lantana cafe avocado and salmon

Avocado, Beetroot Cured Salmon and Rocket

Avocado can be ordered smashed on sourdough toast with poached eggs, rocket and extras of halloumi or chilli jam. The avocado with beetroot cured salmon with or without poached egg was great, Homeboy tried this dish and raved about it. Other vegetarian options included slow-braised smoky beans with potato bread and pickled onion salad which sounded pretty good. We also tried the courgette bread with grilled halloumi, roast tomatoes, poached egg and chilli jam. I loved the way it was presented, and each mouthful was pure bliss, a great combination of flavours. I can also recommend the corn fritters which come stacked on a bed of spinach with the ripest roast tomatoes in between. On top, you’ll find some smashed avocado and a lovely lemon-infused crème Fraiche plus assorted herbs. This usually comes with streaky bacon, but you can ask without and add a poached egg if you want. The dish looked very inviting and was well cooked and seasoned.

lantana cafe corn fritters

Corn Fritters, Spinach, Roast Tomatoes, Smashed Avocado and Lemon Crème Fraiche

The lunch menu includes a few of the breakfast come brunch dishes like the corn fritters, courgette bread with halloumi and smashed avocado with streaky bacon. The new additions are savoury tart with two salad options. There are a prawn linguini and a satisfying spicy pork burger with slaw, kimchi aioli and mango salsa. Or you can order pan-fried sea bass with a fennel salad. Vietnamese chicken salad with vermicelli noodles is also on the menu, or you can go for a steak sandwich with beetroot and pear chutney. Desserts include homemade cakes which are very good.

lantana cafe banana bread

Banana Bread

One thing to point out is that at the Camden branch they offer snacks rather than cooked food, so it’s avocado on toast, grilled sandwiches, cakes and toasted banana bread on paper plates (as above). You can order take-out food from all three branches. Drinks-wise they have fresh squeezed juices, smoothies and cocktails. The coffee is worth a visit alone, and it’s a unique blend of their own which is a combination of Brazil Samambaia with Brazil Tijuco can Colombian Los guacharos. You can buy the coffee for £8 if you want to drink it at home.

Lantana Cafe Interiors

As you approach the City Road cafe, you’ll see a bench situated outside which is such a great spot to sit down with your coffee and watch everyone scurrying to work first thing in the morning. Inside the front portion, you’ll find the take-away counter plus a few tables and chairs. To the side are the toilets.

lantana cafe front interior

Restaurant Interiors

Towards the back on the right is a large eating area. They have a mix of tables and seating for two people up to larger gatherings. The décor is minimal light industrial with concrete flooring and an assortment of eclectic chairs. You’ll find a beautiful mural on one wall in black and white of the Lantana flower. It’s a pleasant space to relax with work colleagues, your lover or friends and enjoy a fabulous brunch or lunch. You’ll also notice an expanse of windows where you can see additional seating outside away from the busy road.

Lantana Cafe Information

lantana cafe exterior

Restaurant Exterior

Cuisine: Australian brunch style with tasty global influences
Price: Larger brunch dishes are £11.50 and lunch £9-11.50
Website: Lantana Cafe
Address: Unit 2, 1 Oliver’s Yard, 55 City Road, London EC1Y 1HQ plus other London locations
Near: Old Street station
Open: Check the website for current opening times
Wi-Fi: Yes
Décor: Light industrial
Seating: One floor split into two sections, the front part of the restaurant and the rear plus outside area
Toilets: Yes, but only a couple which are single toilets located in the front portion of the restaurant on your right as you walk in before you reach the counter
Reservations: No but if you try the Fitzrovia branch at the weekend there is likely to be a queue waiting to get in

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London. Thanks: Homeboy for dining with me.