lauren baker, neon light artist

Lauren Baker British Multidisciplinary Artist

Homegirl London pays homage to Lauren Baker. Lauren is a British multidisciplinary artist using interesting materials from glass to inks, resins, crystals and even diamond dust. Her recent creations include neon, infinity mirrors and moving sculpture. Lauren’s work is exhibited internationally and she’s made installations for the V&A and Tate Britain. Her current solo show features neon artwork giving you an insight of what’s on Lauren’s mind. Other work includes human skulls made from resin which have been painted and embellished, limited edition prints and commissioned art. I caught up with Lauren Baker to find out more.

lauren baker, neon artist

Everything is Going to be Fucking Amazing

Meet Lauren Baker

Lauren tells me about her background – “I did a combined degree in Business, Psychology and Sociology at university in Newcastle. I then had a career in marketing and event management for seven years, before becoming an artist in 2012. My art journey started with a life-changing trip to South America. I joined a mosaic street-art project in Brazil and spent time in the Peruvian Amazon with shamans, in the jungle surrounded by dense vegetation and wildlife – this is when I had an epiphany that I was an artist. I then researched the best place to study mosaic in the world and developed my skills in Venice (Orsoni, 2012).”

lauren baker

Meet Lauren

Being a full time artist is self-funded by Lauren, she reveals – “I sell art and reinvest in my new ideas. It was tough for the first two years but now my art is selling around the world and I feel blessed to be living my dream. I usually concentrate on making artworks for a solo show or a group exhibition in a gallery. My current solo show is ‘Barely Controllable Emotion’ is at M&C Saatchi headquarters, Soho, London until 5 October. I’m releasing more new works at with Rise Gallery at Moniker Art Fair on 6-9 October. When I’m not creating works for my own shows I’ll spent time working on art commissions or to a loose brief set by a museum such as my installations for the V&A, Tate Britain and Tate Modern or for the likes of Selfridges windows.”

lauren baker, neon art

You Blow my Mind

Having deadlines for shows and commissions often equates to long hours getting artwork finished. Because Lauren is her own boss, she takes advantage of the flexibility – “After a big project I often take time off to travel. I’ve been to eight countries so far this year. I like to get one-way flights last minute and be led to travel further by letting the adventure flow and following my intuition. I return inspired by my travels and itching to create.” When she’s not travelling you’ll find Lauren in East London – “I have a railway arch warehouse work space with white brick walls at Hackney Downs Studios. The studio backs on to Downs Park so I often go for a walk with my dog, Dude, when I need time to clarity on my creative projects.”

View the Lauren Baker Collection

Lauren talks me through her work – “I’m a multidisciplinary artist. I use a plethora of different materials to express myself, from glass to inks, resins, crystals and diamond dust. I’m a very kinesthetic person, I like to touch so my work is often multi-sensory, exploring an aesthetic of texture, form and shape. Recent works involve neon, infinity mirrors and moving sculpture. My limited edition screen prints are selling out. The creations also include painted and embellished human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted animal heads. I also do large scale commissioned installations. My work explores the fragility of life with a focus on energy, love and interconnectedness.”

lauren baker, neon artwork

Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You

Travelling is a great source of inspiration to Lauren – “Earlier this year I spent a four weeks studying mystical metaphysics in Guatemala that finished with me undergoing a week long silent fast. I meditated on what makes me feel truly deeply alive and what I feel a real connection with. I explored expressing these emotional revelations through art the result of which is this recent collection of work. Some pieces have spiritual undertones, others relate to deep messages and feelings of love and lust, another is a tongue in cheek expression about conservation. I allowed myself to run wild and free, unrestricted, with this theme of; Everything I’m Really Fucking Passionate About.”

lauren baker, heart art


Nature is another big influence to Lauren – “Being in the thick of the Peruvian amazon jungle is a super multi-sensory experience, which has inspired many of my works. When I’m by the sea, I find myself thinking of humans as specs of dust in a vast cosmos and contemplating microcosm and macrocosm. As I watch the movement and energy of the shifting sea, I imagine each human mind represents a single droplet of water, and the sea represents the whole collective human consciousness. My favourite quote is by Nikola Tesla – If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.”

Buy Lauren Baker Artwork

To find out more about Lauren and to view her work go to the Lauren Baker Website. If you would like Lauren to make you something bespoke, please contact her via the website. In terms of prices, art work starts at £375 and could go up to as much as £16,000.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Courtesy of Lauren. Thanks: Sally Fairclough for assistance.