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Let Your Home Interiors Tell Your Story

Our home interiors tell our story. From the furniture to the furnishing fabrics, curtains, cushions, throws, bedding, home accessories, and decorative objects, it is part of our individual life journey. Now, more than ever, our home interiors have become essential and integral to our wellbeing as a safe place to feel calm and relaxed, surrounded by the things we love. Jo McEwan, the Founder and Creator of Textured Lives, a new complete lifestyle brand and online shop, is dedicated to helping you tell your personal story through home interiors. Having worked in the textiles industry for years designing fabrics and wallpaper, Jo has invaluable insights to share about how interiors are the story of our textured and layered lives.

textured lives home textile collection

Home Textiles Collection

Home Interiors Are A Reflection Of Our Textured Lives

Jo tells me, “the story of your home is yours to tell and is often a journey of our own textured lives. You don’t have to be on-trend and change your interiors every season to keep up with the latest looks. Select a colour palette and products that make you feel happy, comfortable or inspired. Most of us collect objects and items for our homes over many years. It could be a mix of new pieces we have purchased ourselves, gifts, family heirlooms, holiday mementoes or something we couldn’t resist at a vintage market. Over time, we build up a story of our textured lives which brings a sense of attachment and belonging. Eclectic interiors are always the most interesting and intriguing. So, it’s okay to make your own interior choices as long as you love it; that’s all that matters.”

textured lives miza mini glass vase collection

Gorgeous Glass Vases

The Textured Lives Home Collection Helps You Tell Your Story

The Textured Lives products that Jo has designed and curated can help you tell your own story. She has developed a luxury collection of curtains, cushions, fabrics, throws, rugs and bedding. Her creations sit alongside kitchenware, decorative objects, candles and beauty products that Jo has carefully selected. Jo tells me about her interior products, “my designs are inspired by nature because bringing the outside into your home is beneficial to our wellbeing. I have chosen a soft colour palette so that the products weave seamlessly into your home. Adding texture and interest is ideal for transforming your personal space into a sanctuary and calm oasis. The Textured Lives collection is the perfect backdrop to the sofa you’ve bought or a vintage chest of drawers you’ve repaired and painted. You can seamlessly weave the curtains, cushions, fabrics, throws and rugs into your home alongside your existing home story.” Here are Jo’s top five tips on how to create a backdrop to tell your personal home story:

textures lives kitchenware and dining ware collection

Stylish Serving, Dining and Drinking Products

1. Curtains are a great way to introduce pattern, colour and texture into your home. If you want to achieve a calm oasis, opt for subtle hues and a discreet print. Curtains for patio doors that lead out onto the garden are an ideal opportunity to bring the outside into your home by selecting a nature-inspired pattern. Textured Lives has a stunning collection of ready-made curtains, which are made-to-order with the option to request a bespoke size. They also sell a selection of organic fabrics if you want to make your curtains or cushions. The lined curtains come in luxury fabrics – linen, cotton and velvet with floral and fern patterns or plain options in calm colours.

textured lives curtain collection

Ready-Made Curtains / Made-To-Order Curtains

2. Cushions are an easy way to add instant texture and interest to interiors. Overly adorned cushions may look spectacular, but sometimes they can be impractical because of scratchy sequins or rough materials. Soft-touch cushions with fewer embellishments are timeless and practical. You don’t have to balance your cushions with two that are the same at either end of your sofa. Select cushions with a loose underlying theme for a relaxed yet cohesive look. Mix different patterns, fabrics, sizes and shapes for interest. The Textured Lives cushions add texture and subtle colour to your interiors, which you work well together. If your sofa comes with cushions, you can always add a layer of interest with throws.

textured lives cushion collection

Cushion Collection

3. Rugs are a wonderful way to add warmth, colour and texture to your living room, dining room and bedroom. It may look outdated quickly if you choose an on-trend rug, so a wise purchase is buying a subtle and timeless design. Textured Lives has a delightful selection of distressed rugs in greys, blues and blush colours.

textured lives rug

Delightful Distressed Rugs

4. Beautiful bedding can help make your bedroom an inviting place to relax and feel at ease. Simple duvet covers in calm colours like taupe or white can help you achieve an oasis. Luxury bedding fabrics are key, which is why Textured Lives uses 200-thread count cotton for their duvet sets. Subtle embroidered fern or pattern designs add interest to the quality bedding.

textured lives fern duvet set

Dreamy Duvet Sets

5. Create a lovely lifestyle vibe with fragrant candles, your favourite mug, a natural shape breakfast bowl or a beautiful, scented body wash. When creating Textured Lives, I felt it was essential to add lifestyle products to sit alongside my interior products. I wanted to provide an online shop where you can fill your home with lovely things, whether it is a vase or picture frame, to help you tell your own story.

textured lives oak candle

Lovely Lifestyle Products

Make your home interiors your own by adding a pre-loved armchair you’ve had upholstered, a few family heirloom vases and artwork from an artist you’ve discovered. Start creating your own interior story by taking a look at the Textured Lives website. Treat yourself to curtains, fabrics, cushions, throws, bedding, candles, vases, storage baskets, picture frames, glassware, kitchenware, beauty products and more. I hope you love this online interiors store as much as I do!

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Textured Lives. The article is a Sponsored Post/Advertising.