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Liberty London British Tableware Gifts

Shop snoop around Liberty London (Affiliate Link) home department. Last time I was in the West End, I popped into this spectacular department store to browse the home section. What struck me is the fantastic array of British brands on display which make perfect tableware gifts and wedding gifts. You’ll find everything from tableware to teaware, dinnerware, kitchenware, cookware and more from traditional and eccentric British designers. I picked out some of my favourite British tableware gifts on show at Liberty London to share with you.

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Liberty London Traditional British Tableware Gifts

Emma Bridgewater: Known for her traditional tableware, Emma’s multi-coloured and bright earthenware features flowers, fruit and farmyard animals. The collection includes mugs, plates, bowls, egg cups, teapots, milk jugs and everything you could want to dress your table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This charming and relaxed pottery brand is brilliant for wedding gifts.

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Burleigh: This classic tableware company has been producing pottery in Stoke-on-Trent for over 150 years. If you’re after iconic china designs, this is the brand to seek out. These traditional patterns have come full circle and are now back in favour. For a touch of vintage chic, you can choose their Peacock, Asiatic, Calico or Willow Prints. Many of the patterns are in blue and white, and some are available in black and white. Buy quirky cow-shaped creamers, butter dishes and sandwich plates. This collection makes a beautiful wedding gift.

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Cornishware: Fans of stripes will love the Cornishware brand. In blue and white, red and white and many other colours, you can cheer up your table and kitchen instantly. Dating back to 1865, this iconic pattern is now accessible again. The range is very extensive so you can buy everything from plates to bowls, mugs, teapots, butter dishes and salt shakers.

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Falcon: Enamelware brand Falcon is known for its traditional products in white with a navy blue rim. They now have many more colours, including red, grey and black. You can buy teapots, mugs, plates, serving trays, pie dishes and more from the Liberty store. Enamel is a hard-wearing material which has a retro appearance. It is perfect for use at home and when you go camping or glamping!

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Liberty London Eccentric British Tableware Gifts

Ali Miller: Ali draws upon her personal experience, family history, identity and even religion to conjure up her surreal and stunning designs. Her whimsical artwork includes bunny rabbits, butterflies and British maps. Elsewhere inspiration is drawn from the circus, the 1950s housewife and Hollywood glamour. Her work graces fine bone china and 18-carat gold-rimmed dainty teacups and saucers, mugs, teapots, cake plates, and cake stands.

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Mrs Moore: I adore Mrs Moore with her Alice in Wonderland inspired collection. Her wonderfully witty ceramics are silkscreen printed in Stoke-on-Trent by hand. You’ll find all your favourite characters immortalised on her china, including Alice, the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. The colourful illustrations have been applied to salt and pepper pots, teapots, milk jugs, cake stands, cups and saucers, tea towels and more.

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Jimbob Art: Artist James Ward illustrates witty animals in human clothing. These include Mr Fox, Mr Penguin, Mr Bear and Stella Panda on stacking coffee cup sets. His plates are fun; they feature dressed animals with slogans like the badger telling you that all she loves is cake and another saying he will DJ for cheese. These plates can be hung on the wall or a dining room dresser to brighten up the room. Or you can use them as plates for cakes, cheese, sandwiches or your dinner.

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Buy Liberty London British Tableware Gifts

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If you want to buy any of these products online go to Liberty London (Affiliate Link). If you are visiting the store, the address is Regent Street, London W1B 5AH. The nearest tube station is Oxford Circus. Opening times are Monday to Saturday 10 am until 8 pm and Sunday 12 pm until 6 pm but check online before you visit. This store has Wi-Fi, customer toilets and a restaurant so you can happily spend a few hours browsing everything from homeware, beauty and fashion.

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