Homegirl London pays homage to Lucy Loves This (spelt all one word LucyLovesThis).  This design studio is based in Brixton, South London.  It’s the business of Lucy Stephens who makes hand pulled typographic prints inspired by London, food, music and travel.  Her designs feature bold typography on screen prints, greeting cards, tea towels and tote bags.  Her most recognisable collection features the ‘London Alphabet’ – illustrations and collections of words intertwined to create the first letter of particular London areas.  All of these products are made in the UK using quality materials and make ideal gifts for all ages.  I caught up with Lucy Stephens to find out more about Lucy Loves This.

lucy loves this best of lodnon screen print

Lucy Loves This – Best of London Screen Print

Meet the Lucy Loves This Designer

Lucy studied Graphic Design at the University of Leeds.  After graduating she worked in a packaging design company in Leeds and lectured at the university.  Lucy then moved to London and designed book covers for Random House.  She tells me –“Oddly it wasn’t an area I had much thought about moving into.  For a young designer it was a great job because you’re given much more creative freedom than in an agency.”

lucy love this lucy stephens

Lucy Loves This – Lucy Stephens

Wanting even more creative freedom and the opportunity to work with different clients, Lucy became a freelance designer.  When she had a bit of spare time on her hands Lucy started working on her own designs which progressed into a business.  She tells me – “In May 2012 I set up a shop on Etsy.  I didn’t really believe that people would actually want to buy my prints but they did!”

lucy loves this london letters greeting cards

Lucy Loves This – London Letters Greeting Cards

I asked Lucy how the company name came about – “It started from a blog I set up about things that I love; art, design and photography.  When I decided to start my own product range I needed a name and it just sort of worked.  I design products which are inspired by the things I love.”

lucy loves this spain gastronomy food map

Lucy Loves This – Gastronomy Map Tea Towels

Based in Brixton, Lucy is lucky enough to work in a lovely sunny studio located in a Victorian factory.  She tells me – “I initially set the company up in the spare room and then needed to move to a bigger space.  I love how vibrant Brixton is, there’s so much eccentricity and life everywhere.  It’s a very creative place which has definitely influenced my business.”

Lucy Loves This Collection

When you see Lucy’s work you’ll see how much she loves typography – “It pervades my work and I’m a little obsessed by it!  As a book cover designer I’ve been able to let my obsession flourish.  When you look at my work you’ll notice that most of my prints use type whether to create a map or just focus on one letter.”  Lucy greatly admires Jessica Hische, American typographer and illustrator – “I think that everything she designs is completely beautiful.  I always look at her designs and think – oh I wish I’d done that!”

lucy loves this animal alphabet

Lucy Loves This – Animal Alphabet Letter J Print

A source of inspiration for Lucy is London – “I do pay a lot of attention to Brixton.  The Brixton ‘B’ was the first London Letter I designed and it was so popular at the local craft fairs that it inspired me to do the same for other neighbourhoods.  Now we have the whole alphabet and Liberty London, Waterstones and many other shops now stock them as greeting cards.”

lucy loves this best of brixton tote

Lucy Loves This – Best of Brixton Tote Bag

Let’s take a look at Lucy’s collections.  London Letter Series: These are alphabet prints for different London areas.  Lucy tells me – “I think my customers like my designs because they strike a chord with them.  I’m always trying to go beyond the obvious.  For example, if you don’t know Brixton then you wouldn’t know why there’s a big Bovril sign on my Brixton ‘B’.  People are proud of their local area and I think get excited when they see their favourite pub in amongst other landmarks.  I update the designs frequently as new places open and areas change.  They’re all hand illustrated and then hand screen printed in our studio in Brixton.  We’ve also recently broadened the series due to demand, to include different cities.”

lucy loves this best of brixton print

Lucy Loves This – London Letter Series Best of Brixton Print

Animal Alphabet Series: Features letters of the alphabet with illustrated animals and reference to the sounds they make.  These are hand drawn and screen printed using bright colours with a touch of neon.

lucy loves this animal alphabet (2)

Lucy Loves This – Animal Alphabet Series Letter G Print

Gastronomy Map Series: Maps from around the world made up of the different foods and drink associated with those places.

lucy loves this spain gastronomy food map

Lucy Loves This – Gastronomy Map Series Spain Print

Buy the Lucy Loves This Products

If you love Lucy’s work visit her website for further information: Lucy Loves This.  You can also buy from her store Etsy UK.

To give you an idea about prices – Prints are £15-50, Tea Towels and Tote Bags are £10.  Lucy also offers a professional framing service for the prints.  These solid wood frames are handmade in the UK with high quality acrylic glazing.

Author: Homegirl London.  Photographs: Lucy Loves This.  Thanks: Lucy Stephens. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Etsy UK (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).