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Lunch At Delamina Marylebone Lane London W1

With our pup at doggy daycare, we seized the opportunity for lunch at Delamina, in the heart of Marylebone Lane, London, W1. Initially, I aimed for their Shoreditch locale, but no room was available. However, we were lucky to bag what must have been the last table at their Marylebone establishment. Initially irked by our seating right by the entrance, the arrival of our food magically dissolved any annoyance. It’s a testament to Delamina’s charm that even the least desirable table can morph into the best seat in the house. Owned by a couple, Limor and Amir, Delamina is a love letter to their Eastern Mediterranean and Tel Aviv roots. If you’re looking for restaurants on Marylebone Lane, the best places for lunch near Bond Street Station, or you crave Eastern Med cuisine, you’ll love Delamina.

delamina marylebone lane menu

“Vibrant Eastern Med dishes in relaxed surroundings guarantee a magical brunch, lunch or dinner,” Homegirl London.

Delamina Main Menu

Their main menu flaunted a captivating collection of vegetable dishes, so there was no reason to contemplate the meat or fish section. Everything sounded tempting, from the tabbouleh-inspired salad bursting with quinoa, fresh herbs, cranberries, sweet potatoes and roasted almonds, all embraced by raw tahini and black grape molasses. Meanwhile, the pita balagan features market-fresh produce, charred cauliflower, lemony crème fraiche, and a pomegranate molasses drizzle.

delamina marylebone lane hummus

Our selection was spot-on, especially the velvety house hummus adorned with slow-roasted tomatoes, spiced to perfection and the addition of crispy onions.

delamina marylebone lane cauliflower dish

One of our favourite dishes was the charred cauliflower with lemon-infused creme fraiche, pomegranate molasses and seeds.

delamina marylebone lane courgettes

Equally mesmerising was the grilled courgette, served in two variations, and a labneh drizzle that paired perfectly.

delamina marylebone lane pumpkin dish

Another standout dish was the heirloom roasted violino pumpkin on a bed of whipped manouri sprinkled with almond and pistachio dukkah.

delamina marylebone lane goats cheese salad

The rosary goat’s cheese salad was visually appealing, marrying roasted pears, caramelised onions, and a medley of seeds and leaves in perfect harmony.

delamina marylebone lane crispy potatoes

Even the smaller dishes, like the crispy rosemary potatoes on a bed of garlic-infused yoghurt, left a lasting impression.

delamina marylebone lane vegetable dishes

Though we bypassed the meat and fish offerings, I expect the tantalising descriptions of lamb baharat and chicken ras-el hanout would have appealed to any carnivore. Pescatarians will love the charcoal-roasted spiced salmon, seared tuna or king prawns seared with za’atar.

delamina marylebone lane halva parfait dessert

We shared two sublime desserts – the halva parfait and decadent dark chocolate and praline ganache.

delamina marylebone lane chocolate ganache dessert

We drank tap water with our meal as we intended to work when we returned home, although we never did! I noticed they had fresh mint tea, some exciting cocktails with aromatic ingredients and a thoughtful collection of wines.

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Helpful Information About Delamina Marylebone Lane

To find out more, visit the Delamina website. The vegetable dishes are £5.50-15.50, meat options are £20.25- 24.25, fish and seafood are £21.25-24.25, and desserts cost £7.50-8.75. Their address is 56-58 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NX, close to Bond Street, Marble Arch, Baker Street and other stations. The current opening times listed on the website are Monday to Friday from noon until 3.30 pm for lunch and 5 pm until 9.45 for dinner. Saturday and Sunday brunch is served from 10.30 am until 3.30 pm, Saturday dinner is 5 pm until 9.45 pm and 5 pm until 9 pm on Sunday.

delamina 56 to 58 marylebone lane london w1u 2nx

Delamina’s décor marries light industrial chic with a touch of relaxed homeliness, featuring whitewashed brick walls, macrame plant hangers and cosy seating arrangements, ensuring a warm welcome to all.

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